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Hi, Great script !! Is there any way I can add multiple quantities ( e.g for sizes XS/S/M etc) ?

thanks in advance

is this based on some free available classes or built from scratch ?

could be integrated with codeigniter ?

I like what I’ve seen so far, congrats. it is quick, clean & simple, you will do great with such a nice product. I have 2 basic questions: 1) If I need to create a simple CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete) app, I can do it by learning your framework or your way to do things, right? 2) Can I embed this into a CRM-PHP running environment, like calling the javascripts to wherever these are installed? (like the way you can embed javascript google analytics or javascript Thanks in advance

can i integrate it into a php application.

Yes… if you are asking if you can integrate it into something like Code Ignitor or CakePHP… yes you can. It will take some refactoring but it can be done.

1) It needs to use mioInquiry.fetchItems function for each item line or only the first line has autocomplete function when you edit existing invoice

2) Use ajax to validate the form or new item lines will be deleted

Hi Can I save all data into mysql for later retrieval and clients can see historic invoices?

Thank you

I like the concept it is really the best invoice system but I don’t like the way it is build using Smarty Template… anyways it has a bug in with the taxes, it is not working properly, do you have any solution?

Hi, Can I add an image of the product to the invoice?

Hi. Great Code! But there is a issue when you trying to change the item in a second row of a already existing invoice. Is not showing the dropdown list.

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this, please mail me on this email id fo r further discussion 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next