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Hey bought your plugin, think it is awesome.

But… i have 2 things i would like to know. On my own site as well as in your demo, the progress bar doesnt reach 100% ever. And i really think that should be working, since thats the whole idea of a progress bar, so hope you can help me with that. Second, the progress bar goes pretty bumpy, not really smooth like in your demo. Any ideas how to fix that?

Thanks a bunch, and again love your work! Matt

Btw when i say pretty bumpy i mean that in your demo, it reacts directly on scroll and the movement is very smooth, and when i installed it, it reacts only after i scrolled and not very smooth.

Thanks again!

Oh wait, issue 2 is solved (saw it in the previous comments).

So left is the issue with the progress bar not making it a full 100%

On my own site as well as in your demo, the progress bar doesnt reach 100% ever.

It cuts off when the last paragraph nears the top of the screen / time left becomes < 1. So it’ll never hit 100%. This is the best design from my experimentations.

Guessing when the user has read 100% of the article is guess work, I think it’s best to cut it off in it’s final %.

Hi there,

Just wondering whether you received my email about the plugin conflict with the buddypress theme and could help – as I really love the plugin!


Hello! Thanks for the plugin, i’m using it for quite a time now on www.youngcritics.nl. I have one question: is it possible to end the bar on a specific place on a page? If there are a lot of reactions on a post, the reading time takes those with them, which it’s make less and less accurate. I like to hear from you, Martijn

Hi, I just bought and activated m2r – but neither to progress bar nor the countdown appear on the front-end.

post- attribute is in the sourcecode, I’m using Enfold. please advice :-)

What is Enfold?


I purchased this item and it doesn’t display on my site. I have all of the options checked. I changed my posts to use p=123 from using the post name, but that didn’t help either.

Do you have any advice? I am using the Jupiter theme.

My site is www.helpfromageek.com

Thank you

That theme is coded awfully bad. It has no ID attached to the parent container of each article. You will need to do this yourself.

Open your article theme file, and find the top level parent container element that is wrapped around the article – this will mostly likely be a DIV, and add to it: id=”post-[id of the article]”

On my site, the progress bar and the estimated time are flashing. Is that normal? How can I stop that from happening?

Ok cool. That fixed it. Thanks! But, can I change what it says in the minutes left field? For example, This will take [time] to read

Yes, you may.

Go to file: http://www.melissaemond.com/wp-content/plugins/minutestoread/minutesToRead.js?ver=4.2.2

And find:

if(count == 1)
     message = ' minute left';
     message = ' minutes left';

The second message is the plural.

I’ll update the script sometime next week so this may be done from the admin panel, rather than editing the js file. :P

Haha. Ok. I updated the message now. Thanks! And yep, being able to customize it later would be nice. It’s an awesome plugin anyways :)

Can this be positioned to the bottom?

Yes. It uses CSS for the position. Just look at the file and change position:top to position:bottom


I bought your plugin “Minutes to Read” just a few days ago, but it is not working on my Wordpress website. I sent you an email about this Sunday,

Can you help me please ?

Thank you,



Responded to your email. Sorry about delay, I’ve been without internet.


I need some help with installing this, it doesn’t seem to work on my posts. I think it is to do with the ‘post id’.

Would you be able to provide some assistance?




I want the progress bar to have a different color based on the post type (like blue for post, red for pages…). Would you have any idea of how I can achieve that, please ? Cheers !

Does your tag have a different id or class for these teams? If so you could do prefix the CSS with #post … { background: red} #page … { background: blue }

Okay, that did it. Awesome. Thanks. Other question, one friend told me about debounce/throttle for scroll events (https://davidwalsh.name/javascript-debounce-function). Is this something your plugin handles?


When I scroll through my page it stops at 22% in the progress bar instead of going to 100%.

Why is this?

actually the plugin not working on my site. it dont show up in the front-end.

post-id is set to default in the article .php file.

when i also deactive to show it on any page via the options menu, i get an error like: “notice: Undefined index: show_archive in …wp-content/plugins/minutestoread/minutestoread.php on line xxx.”

would be nice, if you can tell me where the problem is.

Hello, I would like to know if you plugin would work when the user fill a form that is on several page ? Best regards

Hello, I would like to know if the plugin would work on a multi-page form (formidable pro sections) ? Is it possible to keep tracking the form so if it is on 5 pages it would only goes at 100% on the last page ? Thx

Hey there. Awesome plugin! Can it be translated? Regards

please can help me the Minutes to Read work only on post but on home page not work what can i do and thank you :)

Hi! I want to know how to show the plugin after activation. Can’t find it anywhere else outside the plugin list. It is activated though! Do I go in the customizer?

I’m using the total theme…

Hi, I’d like a refund. I have found another plugin that works. Thanks, D

Hey, so I have downloaded the plugin and have no idea how to actually install it on my site? Uploading the zip folder into “add new plugin” fails. I’m new to this so I’m probably missing something