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I like this one but would be good with some more info like current rating in number decimals. And also error messages if you already voted. I think i will buy this anyhow then modify it. But some small updates to this one would make it a real gem! :)

Also is it possible to change from 5 star rating to for example 10 star rating easy?

Hey Caroz! It would be very simple to add both a percentage rating and a ten-star rating. Let me know if you can’t figure it out and I can quote for changes! :)

Hi MintyScripts, nice script you have here. Question, is this script compatible out of the box with Google rich snippets so that your search results will contain star ratings next to each listing?

Example: 4.5 stars – based on 152 reviews

Hey! It doesn’t use rich snippets right now, but I’ll put it on the list as a feature for the next update. :)

Hi MintyScripts,

Cool l think that’ll certainly take this script to the next level.


Hello ! Possible to turn the stars into another icon ? I mean like one button “love” and see the counts of “love” ? Can you help me if i buy it ?

Hey andether! If you have the images to use instead of the stars then I can easily show you the two lines you will need to change.

whats with the preview?

Oh sorry, no it works fine on IE but doesnt work on chrome.

works fine under chrome for me. Please let me know what unexpected behaviour you’re seeing.

Hey Minty.. sorry about that. musta been my chrome bugging out. great work!

I am new to Ajax, JQuery, etc so could you please tell if this code uses JQuery? I want to use this on a page but am afraid that it might conflict with the existing JQuery on the page. I am not a programmer, hence the questions. Thanks!

Hi Webkinzie! It does use jQuery. There shouldn’t be any conflicts though. :)

What about multiple ratings? Is your script just designed for a single rating of one page or can I rate unlimited other pages?

I am looking for a scripte where people vote pics and vids and each pic and vids has it´s own url. Is this possible with yours?

Hi Stephan,

You can place the script on any page and each individual page will have its own rating.

Thanks! :)

Hi. It’s look great ! Is it compatible with Google rich snippets ? thanks

This version is not compatible with Google rich snippets – that’s still planned for an upcoming update. :)

I want to use this code in my website which have more than 1000 records (pages with different IDs) in the database, and I wont to add one voting for every page.

Is there any way to automatically create voting for every record in my database instead of creating it one by one?

Hey asnanak,

The script will automatically make a rating for every new page it appears on. It does this by the page URL, not records in the database. If each record corresponds to a different URL (including the query string), then it should all happen automatically.


Nice, very nice


Is possible to integrate with Centova Cast3 to build a top songs block?

How to adapt it to WordPress? Could you help, please?

hello MintyScripts this script not working Pls help

If you contact me via codecanyon we’ll see if we can resolve your problem.

hi, i just bought it yesterday. is there by any chance you can update your code to be use with the latest jquery. thanks.

exemple.php – is not work. What wrong?


the exemple.php doesn’t work. The plugin doesn’t work! Whats wrong?!

Hi, please see the included documentation for installation instructions. If you are still having issues then please PM me for support.

Hi does it work on a google sites site, and does it create an average star score ovdr time after multiple ratings?

Hi, Does this script work with PHP7 ? thanks

Hi, I want to use this script in two places, the main thing is this: The second place is in AggregateRating for “ratingValue”: “4.8”, “reviewCount”: “77”

How do I show values ratingValue and reviewCount with Minty Ajax Ratings?