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Live demo?

Awesome! Thank you. Sale #1. :)

I will most likely buy a few more licenses to cover some others I am going to replace, and of course any new ones that need a great pricing table. Thanks again.

okay greats.. you’re welcome sir.. :)

V-Nice :)

Thank you.. :)

hi, i have responsive bug… i added the mini and style4.css

hi,, thank you about your feedback..can you tell me details of this bug? or give me a screenshoot of this bug?

Good day is this a wp plugin? how would i go about integrating it with wp thank you will buy as soon as i get a reply

Hi Nomurahr i know you said to wait a bit just want a bit of an update, hope all is going well with the dev of this wp plugin i am looking forward to this and i think MEHSA is also looking forward to this :)

hi wagnerlee.. it seems this wp plugin put on hold for a while.. after i get some problem with my harddrive..

Not a problem let me know when its ready and ill buy it immediately :)

Pricing builder not working :-( nothing happens

hi.. please tell me the detail of your problem with email me trough this link http://codecanyon.net/user/minangsoft sorry about this late reply

The best looking price tables I found so far, so I bought it without blinking. Only to find out quickly that it isn’t for WordPress. :) My bad, but I too would like to hop on the WP bandwagon and would like to encourage you to develop a WP version. Good job!

thank you for your encourage,,that’s make me feel better:) this pricing tables already on going to be wp plugin..please wait for a while..

No worries, I’ll wait. Take your time and make it great! :)

Hi, Very interested in purchasing this plugin. I need to know if you i have the ability to put a tick box within the table, if ticked adds another service to the row? Also as from notes above does this work with WP!

hi,, yeah, you can make two pricing tables.. in this product, you can’t tick the box and then it’ll showing additional services.. but it only had feature with hover effect,,when you hover service that had additional service, it’ll showing that adds..you can view this hover effect in style 1 demo.. but if you need that “tick box” effect, i’ll add it as new feature on next update..

How long until you can do this!! Also i need to work with WP. The sooner you can do this the sooner I will buy, and I’m sure many other will also as you have a great table but losing out because of the above.

i don’t know how long it’ll take,, i hope it’ll done as soon as possible..

You persistently do not answer. I have a master does not work in Chrome or in IE. How can I be or what to do. Any thoughts! Thank you.

hi..sorry for this late response, i’m at remote country in indonesia right now.. so signal and internet was not good on this place..

did you use localhost to open it? you need to use web server on your own desktop or laptop like apache server to make it work..

you need to installed web server first so you can use that pricing builder.. i’m trying to provide you online pricing builder, but in my condition right now it give hidrance for me to do it.. please wait for a moment..

regards, nomura

I understood. How do I head had not come))) I have a server. Thank you. Appr.

Hi Any updates on the WP Version??

not yet…sorry we’ll tell you when it updates.

Is it possible to use only one price tag or is there a minimum of tables needed?

sorry for late response,, only one price tag can be use in it.