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this is a brilliant script. but these days mobile apps are kings as you know. i think implementing a mobile app for this script will boost your sale for sure.

Thanks for your opinion. I’ll keep it in mind. :)

I want to ask

Is video downloading protected?

You cant protect any content that on the Internet. But It has some level of protections. Thanks

Hello, I would like to know if the system supports video lessons, because my classes are recorded.

Does it support portuguese language of brazil?


Yes this LMS is for the video lessons mainly. You can use any language as content.

One question, is it possible to leave the videos privately, and for each room? Ex: Room 01 has math class, the Portuguese student can not have access to this class, another thing is multiple access to an account, I would like an account could not be accessed more than once.

This feature is not there but we can help you to customise the LMS to fit you. Customisation cost will apply. Please send an email for detail.

I believe this code is not working

When an admin tries to create and exam, the code is a 404, and the page it refernces is mockform…

Can you get in touch asap

Please send email to item support. Thanks


Techpkp Purchased

cannot connect database, script not allowed creating tables.

contact to item support for help. Thanks

can you please contact me for custom work ?

I got your email and replied. thanks

Can not create an exam, get a 404 error on this page after submiting Next on create_exam page /index.php/admin_control/mock_form

Please send email to item support. Thanks

Is it possible to make one install and use multiple subdomains? For example my domain name is maindomain.com and I will use subject1.maindomain.com, subject2.maindomain.com, subject3.maindomain.com …etc. I want to share the subjects and assign one admin to each subject. Is it possible?

Its not possible but you can create categories to manage subjects. thanks

Hi in course creation i have uploaded pdf and word but in view course it is not visible.only videos are visible. pls reply

Any document files can be added as downloadable content. And video/audio/image are displayed on the site. thanks

Contrary to the description of this script, it does not support PDF, MP3 or scripted courses. May I please have a refund?

Can you make it clear where did you find the contrary in the description?

MP3 is support on the question section and PDF and any kind of document can be added as a downloadable file.

Sorry, my error. I found how to upload PDF and MP3’s to the script. Thanks for your prompt reply!

My pleasure

Please inform me how to add the course contents

Is there any user manual

You can create/add course content on the course section from your admin dashboard. If you need any assistance please send email to the customer support. Thanks

i want to install the app but show an error, please can you help me on the process? my web is http://next-ecoaching.com/install/

Please contact support with the error detail and server info. thanks

Hello, how is the process to place a new theme ? does it work with bootstrap ? Thanks

Or would you be able to apply a custom bootstrap template purchased here in CC as freelance ?

We can help to customise the theme and its make with Bootstrap! Send an email to discuss about customise. thanks

can someone customize the code by them self, source code is available?

How to buy Pro version

Send me an email at bd.munna[at]hotmail.com and we’ll settle it.

can i use php 7.2 on this one?

I didn’t test is with 7.2 but I don’t see any problem to use 7.2. give it a try

Quick Question Before Buy

I try your demo for student. But I do not see they do the course only exam where is the link that the student learning place?

I didn’t understand the question. Can you clear it out for me? thanks

Can the principal select the teacher who is developing the course? Is it possible for each teacher to have competence only for the courses allotted to him? Is it possible for create groups for courses so that each teacher and students have their own group that I can control in this group

I’ve sent an email to you. Thanks

Please respond to my messages when the amendment is completed to site me

I cant see any unread email from you. Can you send it again pls? Thanks

The new addition is good but that you are adding groups to students I will buy them again


affraz Purchased

I have loged in the student panel and I did not able to find course list. and also not able to enroll courses why? Can you guide, How this work?

For support, please contact directly via support section. Thanks


Daneuchar Purchased

Which version of laravel because i see php required version is 5.6 / is this the older version

It’s not a Laravel app. Its on CodeIgniter