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Hello, I cannot add course from teacher area on the demo.

in your documentation, you mention on step 2 ” create a new database for the application” but after creating the database, how to connect the database to your script?

How to change “Super Admin” email address?

You can change from Admin area > Profile. Please send an email for any support related queries. Thanks

this system is cool ! but i have one question can i find this system in android app if you make android app i will buy this script

please make mobile app than it will become more important with customer

and you can make mobile app there is more mobile developers

I’ll keep than in mind.

i need to tell you big idea create Mobile app who some with this system and connect this system than every one will buy if you add that idea i will buy and also i will give you other money

I’ll keep than in mind. Thanks

hii, I want a customized version, i want a lot of features altered and added, please if you can get an email or skype id it would be better


hi, i tried adding you but it is not working, send me a message @icebergcool6190, I want a customized version for an institute. please reply me Asap

Where did try to add me? send an email to bd.munna@hotmail.com

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I would be interested in this script if it supported Stripe for payment.

I’ll add strip in next version. Thanks

I would like to buy this script. When are you planning for next version?

It may takes few months. Thanks

Your demos are not working//.

I’ve updated the link. Please try now. http://demo.incevio.com/


lvcmuz Purchased

I need customization to add certificate generation after course completion. Please help.

Please send en email to item support. Thanks

- when trying to activate the user account via activation mail it shows “Invalid key”

- and when trying to delete a message it show:

“A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1054

Unknown column ‘message_id’ in ‘where clause’

DELETE FROM `messages_reply` WHERE `message_id` = ‘1’

Filename: models/Admin_model.php

Line Number: 701”

please send an email to item support for customer support. thanks


I have some questions:

1) The videos can be accessed from external link?

2) The pdf documents files can be access from external link too?

3) Is there possibility to include for user an infinity random loop questions (not limited number questions) for a specific exam?


External links are supported abut open as links. for #3 you need to customize the app. Send an email to talk about the custom features. Thanks

About question 1 and 2, i mean if is it possible to protect from external users access link? (Access only for members and paid users)

The premium content are protected from out side users.


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I have the programmer instructed to make a separate account for teachers with paypal. He has also partially made it. He did not want to correct the program. Then I said that I can not breed. Then he has all the domainen on my server deleted everything. Then he scared me in skype that he wants me a nice day.

I want you to be that can happen to you at any time. That he clears his script I can understand but that he is the complete httdocs is incredibly violent. Here you can see our sckyp dialog.


algel Purchased


Hi, We have purchased your script for integrating an e-learning application.We have added the courses as paid and free but we can see all the courses can view in public. Is there any restrictions to see the paid courses in public?

Please reply, otherwise we have no use with this script. We will request for refund.

Sorry for late reply. please sent email to item support for any support related issue.

1:is this possible to add theory part before every question ? 2:and certificate will only be issue to the user who score 80% or more not for less than that? kindly see the GIF image for reference http://beedesigns.in/lms/lms.gif waiting for reply asap

Thats possible by customising the code. Thanks

okay so how much it will cost me?

Please send an email to item support to discuss about the customisation.

Great job. I’m testing the demo and I have a question.

How do I translate?

I just read here in the comments that the translation can be done manually. After the purchase, what are the files I need to translate?

Thank you very much

To translate the application you need to change the text in views files. Thanks


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cadberry1 Purchased

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