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can i create this lms in localhost or only hosting?

Yes, you can run this LMS in localhost also. thanks

Pre sale question:

1. What is the difference between the normal and pro version? 2. Is there any options to add another theme?

Regards Christian

Pro version has new dashboard design, and have some features like SPLIT PAYMENTS, MULTIPLE PAYMENT GATEWAYS to pay etc

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Is it possible to Assign a Users to a Category? Ie. When a User joins they are assigned a Category and they can only view the courses in that category. Admin can later change the Users category.

You need to customise to have this feature. Thanks

Ok, How much would it cost for you to customise this feature in. That is the only thing we need. and I will purchase today.

Send an email to bd.munna@hotmail.com for customisation work. Thanks

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Is there the following two features? 1. Students Attendance 2. Faculty assigned to the courses and Batch of the students?

this is a brilliant script. but these days mobile apps are kings as you know. i think implementing a mobile app for this script will boost your sale for sure.

Thanks for your opinion. I’ll keep it in mind. :)

I want to ask

Is video downloading protected?

You cant protect any content that on the Internet. But It has some level of protections. Thanks

Hello, I would like to know if the system supports video lessons, because my classes are recorded.

Does it support portuguese language of brazil?


Yes this LMS is for the video lessons mainly. You can use any language as content.

One question, is it possible to leave the videos privately, and for each room? Ex: Room 01 has math class, the Portuguese student can not have access to this class, another thing is multiple access to an account, I would like an account could not be accessed more than once.

This feature is not there but we can help you to customise the LMS to fit you. Customisation cost will apply. Please send an email for detail.

I believe this code is not working

When an admin tries to create and exam, the code is a 404, and the page it refernces is mockform…

Can you get in touch asap

Please send email to item support. Thanks


Techpkp Purchased

cannot connect database, script not allowed creating tables.

contact to item support for help. Thanks

can you please contact me for custom work ?

I got your email and replied. thanks

Can not create an exam, get a 404 error on this page after submiting Next on create_exam page /index.php/admin_control/mock_form

Please send email to item support. Thanks

Is it possible to make one install and use multiple subdomains? For example my domain name is maindomain.com and I will use subject1.maindomain.com, subject2.maindomain.com, subject3.maindomain.com …etc. I want to share the subjects and assign one admin to each subject. Is it possible?

Its not possible but you can create categories to manage subjects. thanks


basu2015 Purchased

Hi in course creation i have uploaded pdf and word but in view course it is not visible.only videos are visible. pls reply