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am getting this, please help The database could not be found, please create a new database and try again.

Create a new database before you start. Contact to item support if having any trouble. Thanks

i did, i created a database filled the school/database.php

// The following values will probably need to be changed. $db‘default’ = “root”; $db‘default’ = “internet”; $db‘default’ = “minorschool”;

// The following values can probably stay the same. $db‘default’ = “localhost”; $db‘default’ = “mysql”; $db‘default’ = ””; $db‘default’ = TRUE; $db‘default’ = TRUE; $db‘default’ = FALSE; $db‘default’ = ””; $db‘default’ = “utf8”; $db‘default’ = “utf8_general_ci”;

Contact item support

How to set a timer for an exam?

You can set timer when you create/update exam from dashboard.

Hi i have a problem with database every time i try to use a database show this “The database could not be created, please verify your settings.” database works in another script and its not full

There’s something wrong with the input. Host name, db name or password

The database settings are not correct. Please send an email to item support. Thanks

Hello is there an option where I can check which answers they got correct and which ones wrong Just this option and I will purchase the code please

I can help you to build any features nor modify existing features as you want for an extra cost. Customisation is not free. Thanks

Thank you for your reply How much do you think each of these two extra features will cost separately (Price for #1 and Price for #2):

1- Check which answers were right/wrong in results tab (Under the percentage tabs for example. It lists the question, their answer and right answers highlighted in green, wrong in red) just like this: http://oi64.tinypic.com/2eeii2x.jpg

2- Not really necessary but: it would be better if there were at least 15 questions per page and you can add pages (Next page instead of next questions) for example or even all the questions on the same page, if possible how much extra for this feature, if it’s too much of a hassle then it’s okay.

Thanks again great code

Please send an email to item support for the cost. Thanks

very poor support with very poor design and coding problems.

Pre Sales Question: Is it possible to customize the certificate issued on passing an exam? I don’t see anywhere in the demo to do this. Also do you plan to include a learning module?

Presale questions:

What is the fundemental changes between MCQ & LMS?

The objective questions, can one have multiple correct answers?

What is the limit of options one can add under an objective(multiple choice) question?

With regards to the payment system. Can one do bank transfer option and have an Admin complete the sale in the backend once payment has been confirmed?

MCQ is only for question bank and exam system. LMS has courses and exams. That is the basic differences. There some few other features in LMS. Thanks

Hi, how would I change superadmin email? One more problem: after login as super admin I see blank page in the browser.

Please send email to item support for any support related issues. Thanks

I wrote to support, but haven’t got any reply.

Support email takes 12-24hrs to reply. If you don’t get any reply after 24hrs. Then let me know. Thanks for your patience.


mcshu Purchased

Please help: The database tables could not be created, please verify your settings.

Send an email to item support.

Hi, When we pass the exam, all the answers are visible in the html output of the page. The good answer is marked in the “input value”. See this sample : <label><input type=”radio” name=”ans26” value=”0”> test answer 4.</label>. This is a big issue for developer tests, isn’t it ? Could you fix it asap ? Thanks a lot.

I’ll check asap.

Hello, is it possible for user to buy just one exam not whole subscription? And can I make lifetime subscription?

I can customize the script as you like. Charges apply. Thanks

getting this, please help The database could not be found in it, please create a new database and try again to send it, email- zahirulbd@gmail.com

create a new database and just give the database name when you install. It’s like WordPress installation. I think this will help. Thanks

Hello, Does the script has French language? Or is it possible to translate into another language other than english? Thank You

The application support Unicode languages as content but the application’s language is English. You can change it from view files.