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Just want to know how to get rid of the “demo Mode” and be able to create folders…maybe some basic documentation about that would be awesome… Thanks


You can find docs folder in downloaded zip file. But I forgot to add how to manage demo mode setting sorry.

here is to turn off demo mode: configs.php // find define('demo',1); // replace define('demo',0);


is it possible to upload .swf files and insert this type’s file with Tinymce system ? thanks

Not available on current version. Swf files will insert as hyperlink to tinymce. But its possible, thats only requires some javascript and tinymce extended_valid_elements changes.

Is ist possible to select multiple files for callback?

Its possible with a few modifies. If you use it on TinyMCE, modal window close action can be disabled when click on a file item.

I dont know what are you want for multiple clicks, if its a file calling action without closed modals above solutuon can be apply. But if you want to add multiple links with comma separeted on a input field like ..file1.jpg, ..file2.png its must be modified by checkboxes I guess.

Also normal popup window allow to multiple clicks.


How do I make the miniPan area Width = 100% and height=100%

in pan.js

Normal Popup;





Find autoSize : true, Replace With;

width: "100%",
margin: [0, 0, 0, 100]

If you use TinyMCE please check documentation for integration section, its uses fancybox and you can use above configs for fancybox.

If you use CKEeditor;

filebrowserWindowWidth: ‘100%’, filebrowserWindowHeight: ‘100%’

If you have trouble, you can leave a mail with your miniPAN URL, I can check it for you.


I recently purchased another file manager for TinyMCE on codecanyon, and it does not work on Windows Server and IIS. Will miniPAN work on Windows Server and IIS?


miniPan is a PHP based system, your server must be support PHP script language for that.


Hi, Im using basic linkage. I want the filepath to show up in a span on div instead of a field. smth like. .html() instead of val(). where can i do this change?


So, did you resolve of your empty folder issue? Sorry for that I didnt see of your other message.

yes i did. it turns out exif_imagetype was not precompiled on the server. function isImg($v){ if ( ! function_exists( ‘exif_imagetype’ ) ) { function exif_imagetype ( $filename ) { if ( ( list($width, $height, $type, $attr) = getimagesize( $filename ) ) !== false ) { return $type; } return false; } } i suggest you update our code to include that since some other people might run into a similar issue.

if (exif_imagetype($v) != IMAGETYPE_GIF && exif_imagetype($v) != IMAGETYPE_JPEG && exif_imagetype($v) != IMAGETYPE_PNG && exif_imagetype($v) != IMAGETYPE_BMP) {return false;}
else{return true;}    

waiting on the js file update thanks

I have the problem with minipan. I not see the file list in folder. Uploads works ok. But file list in folders is unvisible. Why?


I’ve sent reply to your mail, did you receive it?


Sorry, now yes

Solution: the php in your server must be with exif support

i wanto use this script in parent folder on localhost, but when i import image to tynmce, img code viewing
’* img src=”” alt=”” /’,
but i want url like this :
img src=”uploads/slider/b1.jpg” alt=”” /*
my minipan folder path:

$pan_stock_folder = “uploads”; $pan_base = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] . ’/’ . $pan_stock_folder;

please help me.

best regards.


Please use this code;

$pan_stock_folder = “uploads”; $pan_base = dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$pan_stock_folder;


i replace with this. but now not working onclick to import tynmce.


Can I see of your installation if its possible? You can send your URL via contact form.


I need to have a php script and a folder of its resources inside one of my folders for another purpose. Is there any way of having them hidden and not show up in your files list to my users?

Yes, we can filter file / folder names inside of script if you want.

Thanks, is it already in the product? or if you let me know when available, I’ll buy straight away.

No, its not included on current script, I can help you for customization.


When integraded with CKeditor, is there any way to have the full url of the uploaded images inside the html code? In my site I’ve a newsletter which needs the full url to display the images in the emails.

Thank you

Hello Christos,

CKEditor and tinyMCE system has absolute / relative url option for your editor configurations. It can be changed on custom configuration js file for these editors.


Thank you. I’m new to CKeditor and didn’t knew it.

Does it create preview thumbnails for the uploaded images, or does it download the full images each time the user is browsing the folders?


It doesnt create thumbnail files, its shows orginal photos in thumbail view.


I am able to create folder but could not able to create a sub folder in it. In the same way, The files are only uploaded to base directory but not able to upload files to created folders. Please help immediately


Did you get any error output when trying to create folder?


Hi, i tried to add text/html in configs.php but i can’t upload .html file. Can you help me how to add .html files? Great scripts.


Where you want to upload html file? config.php file upload types just working for contact imports and LeUpload.


Took a leap of faith and bought minipan for your docside manager. Where are the instruction to install in the docside setup, do you have them?

My current docside is installed in subdomain so need instructions to work with subdomains.

Appreciate some input on installing minipan for your product.


Thanks, email sent.

Be prepared for run around when trying to get support. Author gets back to me with excuses like cannot check support email or cannot check the email account he told me to mail to. Great product but be prepared to be on your own…


Sorry Texasbiz, I was little a bit away from computer I’ll check your mail.


hellow,, does this plugin support arabic files ? also i want to test this demo,, because creating and uploading files is not available.


I did not tested arabic files on this script. But you can try it, if its doesnt work for you I can try to find a solution for you, or you can ask refund for it.


thank you,, can you provide an online demo to try creating and uploading files ?


I was replied of your other comment, also your email. Did you get it or resolve of your problem?


good evening,, i’ve buy this file manager system, install it, the image uploaded successfully, but i found the following warnings: Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 7 in C:\xampp\htdocs\minipan\class.upload.php on line 2966

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 7 in C:\xampp\htdocs\minipan\class.upload.php on line 2993

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 7 in C:\xampp\htdocs\minipan\class.upload.php on line 3011 i need a quick solution please ?


Please contact me via direct mail uslmesut[at]


Hi, I’m interested in your plugin, you still have your update active, if I buy it, do you still support it? compatible with php 5.6+? thank you


Script still on updating for new version. We have change jQuery and bootstrap version. miniPan supports 5.4+


Thank you, for what date do you plan to release the new version?


Sorry for late reply, Im working on that but I dont know time about that. Because I’ve trying to update to my all scripts with bootstrap4 and php7 thats overloaded on me =) I’ll inform you on this comment when its updated.



Jecki82 Purchased

No support for php7


Its supported PHP7 except uploader class. If you have trouble with uploading I can send a patch for it before new update.