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Your Demo just says Nothing to see

I see from your Screenshots the Console is on Windows. Would the commands still produce the same if your using Linux / OSX?

Yes, Linux and Windows are the same command. I fixed the demo url. Thanks

How can I import rainTPL theme engine?

Currently, It’s only support Twitter Bootstrap. But I think it’s easy to change to another theme engine.

Demo still not working…

I fixed it. Thanks.

Check if there is a erro at example.sql, you put values at the primary key… but the field is auto_increment.

bad script! very dissatisfied!

What’s wrong with you?

Friend, I am senior php programmer and your script not work. Its documentation is horrible, does not teach to use the code, the generator and crud does not work. if it were possible I would demand my money back.

Hello, MiniMVC recognizes the foreign key?

Hi, How can i instanciate an other class object in a current view (for exemple listing authors in post model) Thanks

Is possible disable Delete Button ? the date/time not have a calendar ? i need edit date and time every time ?