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Forgot to mention in the documentation:

This plug-in is a wrapper to the jQuery Dialog, so you can use all the events, properties of the original jQuery Dialog when calling “matoriaDialog” function.

Thanks enio_san.

nice one, really nice script. One suggestion, would be the ability to drag things off the bottom of the page when they have been minimized.

Other than that, top work :)

Thanks Ryan.

Sure, i shall put this as a option. But, instead of dragging the things at anywhere on the page, they should be allowed to rearrange at the bottom. Otherwise the concept of minimizing shall be defeated.

Ryan Davies,

Reordering functionality has been implemented. Please download the latest version.

Hope you purchase my other products.


Can you also make it so that you can choose the X & Y position on the web browser the dialog opens at?

For example:

onload=”openDialog(’.target2’, 500, x, y);”


Thanks for buying the application.

This functionality is already exists. Just to remind, its an enhancement of jQuery Dialog plug-in. You can make use of all the event, properties & methods of jQuery Dialog plug-in with this also.

You can write something like: $(t).matoriaDialog({ dialogGap : 25, open: function(event, ui){ $({“left”: 100, “top”: 300}); } });

I think with this i don’t require to alter the plug-in now. I shall be enhancing it much more but after about 15 days.

This is very good. But one thing to mention, Your script is pure jQuery so you can view it in the browser view source. So please remove live preview, any one can copy your created code. Just to inform you.


Thanks, but this was been done knowingly, so that people could see my code quality.

This application is one of its kind. It could be related to google wave and igoogle widgets, but not exactly. Its shall be much more flexible once i get more time to improve it.

I am working upon an innovative content scroller. And there is no match for it.

Anyways, i shall be delivering more applications soon.

HI there,

Wanna know CAN it act as an automatic opt-in pop up that pop up on the first place when visitors visit our site?

Sorry, I am at vacations, so replying late.

Yes it can be used for opt-in popup.

Hi there,

Awesome script.. i love it,. I’m using it on a phpbb forum..

I have a problem. though.

if the page has a lot of post and you click to open that window , the page will scroll up at the beginning and the popup will be opening at the bottom of the page, which is actually in the correct position.. So how do i stop the page to scroll up?

this is the code that i’m using to call the your script:

Check your email, i didn’t want to show my code here….




Thanks for liking my script. Hope you shall buy it too. Anyways, to fix your problem change the href attribute of the anchor to “javascript:void(0)”. Hopefully it shall work. FYI : Do checkout my other product.

Thanks and Regards, Praveen Matoria


Thanks a lot! it works! I actually purchased your widget but for some reason it’s not showing that in comments..

I love your work.. I hope to see new widget ideas soon.

Anyway i wanted to ask you something else. Is it possible to add “copy” button?

Thanks for buying the app and appreciation. Please do checkout my other app.

This plugin is very flexible, so it could be customized to the needs.

As, this functionality go with the theme, so i could develop it exclusively for you. You can contact me at my email & we can discuss other things.

Thanks and Regards.

Sorry i have another question,

how can you add some cool effect when the windows is opened or closed? could you give me a little example?

Thanks a lot!!!

We can discuss this also, over email, as i don’t won’t to over-do it as most people won’t require it.

Thanks and Regards.


I like the design and planning to purchase if I can use it in the following scenarios.

Can I call it from server code. For eg. In a validation serverfunction, I want to display error message to the user like

openDialog(“Last Name is required”); return

Also will it work inside of a ajax modal popup. If the dialog is closed it should only close the dialog box and not the modal popup

Thanks Suresh


Sorry for a late reply.

Yes, you can use it the way you are asking. To show/hide it, you only need to call its constructor/function, alike original jQuery Modal. It is just an enhancement written over original jQuery Modal. It retains all the original stuff.

Hope you buy it.

Thanks and Regards, Praveen Matoria.

can you add an overlay?

Hello Axiconcepts1,

When do you require the overlay? Please explain your scenario. FYI :It already has the overlay at collapse state.

Thanks and Regards, Praveen Matoria

Hello! I liked the script! But I know if I can align the pop up? example: a popup are aligned side by side, from left to right?

Thanks for liking the Script.

Could you please provide more details about the enhancement you require or problem which you are facing.


Hello sir

I would like to ask if it is possible to load “iframe” when button clicked in a page including hunderets of iframes? I do not wat it to be updated when it is minimize or maximize. Can this script do that?

Thank you in advance.


yea, you can create widgets at the fly. Also, iframes doesn’t get reloaded at state changes. Both scenerios are been shown in LIVE demo.

Hi, Good script, just what i was looking for. I found something could be a bug will appreciate if you can help or fix it.

When an iframe is loaded which has a large page using iframe widget, when you use the maximize button the iframe doesnt grow and occupy the whole window. The iframe grows only when the resize is used on the right-bottom of the window.

Can u look at this please.

preview problem…

and up The score man: $60. thimthink :)

AMeZThimTHiNk v.1 – miN/MaX/dialOg/mODaL

Soory, AMeZThimTHiNk V2 miN/MaX/dialOg/mODaL :reallyevil:

Sorry, I am unable to get what you are trying to convey. Also, could you please mention what browser and OS are you using for preview? Thanks.

Can you load pages into the modals? ie. html, asp…etc?

Yea, you can load pages in iframes inside dialogs.

Useful Code.

After install popup.(Iframe)

function Pop(veri) { var src = $(veri).attr("data-src"); var title = $(veri).attr("data-title"); var width = $(veri).attr("data-width"); var height = $(veri).attr("data-height"); alert(src+' t:'+title+' w:'+width+' h:'+height); //$("#p").append($("<iframe />").attr("src",adres)).dialog({width:'100%',height:'100%'}); var iframe = $('<iframe frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" allowfullscreen>'); var dialog = $("<div />").append(iframe).appendTo("body").dialog({ modal: false, resizable: true, width: width, height: height, close: function () { iframe.attr("src", ""); } }); iframe.attr({ width: '100%', height: '100%', src: src }); dialog.dialog(); } <button id='dialog' type='button' onclick="Pop(this);" data-src="" data-width="740" data-height="540" data-title="Google Inc.">Load Frame</button>

Hello, but is there a simple function that opens a new popup iframe on demand?

Example new_iframe (‘demo.html’, ‘name_page) Please?

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