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Very nice! :)

One suggestion, the check box should at least have an outline while it is unticked, not invisible.

Thanks for your suggestion. We will improve it next release :)

looks pretty good.

One question, The gmail, facebook, pinterest works?

Or I have to configure that manually?

You need to configure them manually. Thanks

Does the documentation include examples of how to link this to a back end mysql database e.g. via php to validate login, store registration etc?

The document doesn’t include any instruction about back end stuffs. We will consider to have it in future update. Thanks

Hi can I easily add other fields like name address etc?

You can duplicate any fields included in the form template. We validate the from by using its HTML types.

Consider in your case, our form can only check the address field is empty or not, rather than checking the correctness of the address. So, you may need some work there to implement this functionality.


Ok..and does it have the admin section where you can view the users that registered?

If gmail, Facebook works that will be great


Can you help how to do it ???

We are not planning to do the actually function there at the moment, you can put Facebook page hyperlink and email address there for an external link to those pages. Or you can reference google/facebook API guidelines to implement those features by yourself.


looks pretty good. The only part we are missing on the script is a captcha.

I wonder if you are interested to do some customizing as we want to have your script integrated in our front login & registration script for a fee?


Is this just a login/registration form? Or can you actually protect pages on your website and manage users?

Hi, it is just an user interface in HTML/CSS with JS validation. There is no actual php function to send the data out in the purchase.

Thanks, Cyclic Studio

Really beautiful