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Good job, I like it !

Good luck with sales :)

nice but how does it look in the ie8_ browsers so you have screenshots, is there a nice fallback?

Yes, of course. Here’s a screenshot in Internet Explorer 8: http://goo.gl/aXif7

i meant older so ie7 and ie6 ( for completeness )

It looks the same, but the submenu is not centered anymore, so it’s rather unusable. They’re not even meant to work with Internet Explorer 6 and 7, because they are old browsers and they are not used anymore, the marketshare of the IE7 is less than 5% and IE6 less than 1%.

Way to think outside the box! I like it :)

Good luck with sales

Thank you very much! I’m really glad you like it! :)

Well i see you’ve got awesome idea and make it happen. Just great!

How does this work on a mobile/touch device?

Unfortunately, the menu is not optimized for touch devices.

Hi, maybe a dumb question, but, can this be integrated in to wordpress? I’mean,: i know is not naturally a wordpress plugin, but, can be used with wordpress doin’ some customization or something?



Yes, it can be integrated into a WordPress site.

Anyway to get it to work on ipad, windows 8 tablet or android ( touch screen devices)

This is great – perfect starting point for building a website menu. Thanks!