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Hi, great work!!!!!!!! Only one question. How i can add a different color for a selected link (...so i know exactly my position without using a site map… :)

Please contact me via email and I’ll help you. You are not the first who requested this feature, so I already have the code :)

Hello, I’m very pleased with your menu that I bought this afternoon for my website, but I have just one question and maybe you could help me : when I’m on an active page, I’d like the link to stay in the color of the activated link, just to see on which page we are, but I don’t want to change the color of the sub-menu (in my case, the text of my menu is gray, when my mouse is over, it’s pink, and when I click on the menu, I’d like my text to stay pink and not returning to gray, but without changing the color of the sub-menus. Actually, that’s what I did, I could change the color but menu and sub-menus changed). Can you help me for that ?

Sorry for my explanations but I’m french speaking and it’s not easy for me to explain my problem !

Thanks by advance.


Hi Stephanie,

Please contact me via email and I’ll help you. I’ll probably update the file with some instructions on how to do this, because many people asked for it.

Hi Tiberiu, did you receive my mail yesterday ? Thanks

Salut! Ma bucur sa vad pe aici romani care fac o treaba excelenta.

Congrats for the file of the month!

Any idea why it works for Chrome and Firefox but I can’t get it working for IE(9)


The menu is heavily modified, so I can’t really tell.

This is slick and elegant. Thank you, tiberiualexander , for offering this as the Free File of the Month (Aug 2013). Much appreciated. I’ll definitely put it to good use.

All the best.

You’re welcome! I hope it will be really useful for you :)

Foarte simplu, elegant si util. Felicitari si multumim pentru share! Good work!

Multumesc! Sper sa-ti fie de folos :)

Hi, how can I apply this menu to the site. The folder “main” and sub forder “Documentation”, “Minimal Transparent menu”. Would you please advise me of the way of installation of it?


The “Minimal Transparent Menu” folder contains folders where you can find the CSS files for every colour version of the menu. You’ll have to include one of those CSS files (navigation.css) in the head of your page/site and you’ll find instructions on how you can implement the menu in the “Documentation” folder.

Nice and easy! – Tiberiualexander, congrats and thanks for this great Free File of the Month! :-)

Thanks! I’m glad you like it :)

Hi Tiberiu

Is it possible to adjust the hover time, the time before submenus disappear after mouse out?

It is possible with JavaScript, but I don’t know exactly how to achieve this.


Is this menu responsive?

No, the menu is not responsive.