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Great design! First I thought the grey one its shadow :D Very funny gameplay, glws :D

Thank you!!! : -)

nice game, but there are some bugs. I played 3-5 times it keeps dying even if the color is matched. Did you aware of that?

safari browser on iphone

Ok! I test it.. Is not a bug.. I think is something wrong with performance, with the version of construct i use in export.
Thanks for your interest, i will have in mind.. : -)

I forgot..
Try the last version of safari (if you don’t have yet).. maybe will work!


I like your games. There’s information about the Construct2 project in the games description but I don’t have Construct2 IDE license. However, I have some Cordova experience because I’ve built some own apps with HTML5 + Cordova and published them in the Google Play store.

Please let me know your thought about the several questins below:

1) Can your games be released with Cordova only or perhaps I need the Construct2 to go on?

2) Can I use IAB (in app payments) in the app for another levels that I could eventually create myself?

3) Does your games support Google Game Services or can it be integrated?

4) What ads service is integrated and is it possible to offer remove ads offer in the game for users?

Cheers, Rafal

Hi rafaellop!
Thanks for your interest!!! : -)

1) You need construct 2 to export to android and after this, to continue with the compile to apk. My version of this game have a project file with Intel XDK ready to just to export and to continue the compile steps only.

2) I don’t know about this, because until now i don’t create any game with pay solution. You can find solution to construct forums.. There are many users here: https://www.scirra.com/forum/

3) All my games have google game services support. I use intel xdk, and cocoonjs, users to choose any version of c2 project want.

4) I use admob and mopub. There is an easy way to disable the ads inside construct and export the game without ads.

For more details please contact me via email: odiusfly@hotmail.com


Hi, the sharing capability works well on Chrome but doesn’t work in Safari/iPhone, can you please fix this and send me a package that works in Safari as well? please send it to me at matthowardca@gmail.com

I send you an email with the steps..

The problem is in safari (or need update version maybe) settings.
There is nothing to do with the game source. If is worked well to other browsers the reason is: THE BROWSER!

So simple.. : -)


  • Check your inbox and we will find a solution to your “problem”!

Does this work with Xcode?