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Hi ! I have a problem with the Countdown. When I insert the Start – Date and the End – Date, missing days are wrong, it marks me less days. How can I fix? Thank you

Hi Kingsofpop,

Thank you for purchasing! An update is in the works to address a number of issues related to V3 and this is on the list, countdown has been reported to behave erratically at times.

You will get notified as soon as it’s available for download or just send me a Private Message on the Author’s page and I’ll send you an e-mail with it before it’s approved on here.

Grazie e buona giornata,

as much as I hate IE, i’ve found that it doesn’t work at all on Internet Explorer. That’s a major browser. what’s the fix and or the reason for that?!?

Hi BNLPros,

Thank you for purchasing! Indeed IE is still quite popular and shouldn’t be disregarded as a browser just yet. Could you please let me know which version you’ve experienced the issue on though so I can look into it?


looks like all versions.

Thanks for the update, a fix will be included in the next update along with a number of other improvements and fixes, sorry for the delay in addressing it :(

Update should be ready in a week or so.


Is there a way to change the 3 dots to some other animation?

Hi BNLPros,

Thank you for purchasing! At the moment that’s the only loader but I have been hoping to add some more styles in the future.



You plugin looks great :)

Just one question regarding Google Analytics please:

The plugin provides a field to enter the Tracking-ID. But, unfortunately, in many countries a Tracking-Code-Snippet must be used in order to meet laws on data protection. In fact it’s necessary to anonymise the IPs. So an additional piece of code must be inserted too: ga(’set‘, ‚anonymizeIp‘, true);

So entering the simple Tracking-ID is not sufficiently.

Therefore please advise how or where to enter the Tracking-Code-Snippet for Google Analytics in your plugin?

Thank you!


sitesme Purchased

This was an amazing plugin, until version 3 came up :(

As far as the new version was a big boost in terms of options and flexibility to the plugin, it is incredibly slow (tried in 4 different browsers) and it uses way too many resources because when it is loading I can hear the CPU or GPU fan (one of them) really going into full speed. If I close the plugin window, they become normal.

There are some options that are not showing any options: http://dns.d.pr/1ySa/4UTztGzx

Using the latest Wordpress and the plugin version.

Thank you


I’m using a layout with 4 pages icons on the right for the main page, everything’s fine. But when displaying pages on tablet (iPad) the close option is not working at all.

Thks & Rgds

Hi there! I am happy with your Plugin. One little problem I found this week. It doesn’t work on IE 11 – is there a bugfix available?

Thanks Harry