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rex511 Purchased

Hi, I have a problem, I only use 2 pages, and when I’m in the left one and don’t click “close” but instead click on the right area, like an interactive click, it returns, but with the “close” button stacked with the left area button, the same happens to the other side, is there a way to fix this?

Hi there!

Just got a new license and installed the latest MiniGo. However, I’m seeing a ton of errors on the Updates page inside the plugin options. It seems like it’s working ok, but just wanted to let you know. Things like permissions denied and such.


ssltgh Purchased

I purchased this. Trying to change skins. In preview it still remains as the 1st skin – it does not change at all. How do i fix this.


ssltgh Purchased

I will request an refund if it cannot be fixed…I need to change the skin.


ssltgh Purchased

The plugin does not change skins – even when loaded, the first skin always shows.. I tried on 2 different Wordpress sites on 2 different servers.

Either fix this issue or i will need a refund.

I bought this a long time ago and never downloaded it. Just had a project where I needed something like this and installed the plugin. I love it! It’s just amazing how many features you offer and it’s just what I need for this project. Still getting familiar with it but love all the styling options and widgets. There are similar items on the market with half the features and twice the price. Highly recommend Mini Go!

Hi I bought this a long time ago but i can’t change the skin! Please fix it

Best regard

Haven’t had any issues figuring things out, making adjustments to the menu pages, etc and using the shortcodes. Only thing is when someone enters their email to subscribe, is it supposed to go to the strings of subscribers if one has MailChimp turned off? I keep entering emails to test and can’t find them anywhere.


Okay, disregard as it’s working. I watched the video to see if I missed anything and noticed you refreshed the screen. I was moving off the page to another block on MiniGo and going back and nothing was updated – kind of like what I need to do when I add a file working in Core FTP. So you have to actually refresh the page to see the emails – just in case anyone else has this issue and is reading this.

Wanted to let you know the counter isn’t working on all of the pages. I used the shortcode and while it displays right on some pages, it doesn’t on others. Can’t figure out what’s different. Frustrating to see you haven’t responded to anything for weeks and I can’t use the counter on the site if it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on the landing page so the whole countdown campaign is shot. Would definitely not recommend buying this until this gets fixed. Very disappointing to not be able to create the pre-launch mini site the way I wanted b/c the biggest feature isn’t working.


kojotate Purchased

I have updated to the new V3 and I like it allot. However, when I make updates to things like the social media badges at the bottom or removing the team page graphics, it shows well in the preview and when I log out to view it, there is no change.

I see the changes made in WordPress and in my preview inside the plugin but not when logged out. I have cleared the cache and even used a different browser and I get the same results.

Please help. I am trying to take care of my client. Or call @ 404 376 6063 USA

Here is the link. http://www.pfrugetravel.com/


acdcadmin Purchased


When I go to change the skin from default to Original Light I get the loading screen then I get a 404 error on the wp-admin/options.php

my .user.ini file is set up as follows upload_max_filesize = 64M post_max_size = 64M max_execution_time = 300 memory_limit = 128M

Could you give me some advice on this many thx.

Regards David

How do I import demo 1