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Ecwid shop doesn’t register the orders in Ecwid “Control Panel” after PayPal purchase. The money arrives in PayPal, but the return link doesn’t work poperly

Hard to reproduce. Please do your own tests. Maybe there are some changes in the API? A friend told me it stopped working, he got orders until 26/5, but after that they did not register in his Ecwid CP either. He went for another backup solution (just a payment form)... I would like to have Ecwid shop work. Hope you can sort it out. Thanks.

Hey eirikv,
Thanks again for that information. While we are working on figuring out the issue and a fix please read this article written by someone at ecwid regarding the GDPR updates ( What Every E-Commerce Merchant Needs to Know Before May 25th ).

Kind regards,

Seems like Ecwid have fixed this on their part. It was something with their IPN, and they asked to set up URL for Instant Payment Notifications, URL: http://app.ecwid.com/paypalstandard/STORENUMBER

Not sure it is necessarily, since it works now… I have tested without this URL setting in PayPal. It works! :) What do you think?


concerning the GDPR, where it is not allowed to make a connection to Google Server or FontAwesome external.

How can I disable the Google fonts in MINIGO please?


I’ve tried to set up a gravity form on a minigo subpage, but :

- if I use AJAX the form button doesn’t work anymore ;

- if I don’t use AJAX the whole page refreshes and the user isn’t redirected to the correct subpage as it should.

Is there a simple way to setup a gravity form that would work ok with MiniGO ?

Thank you.

Thank you so much for purchasing. Really sorry for the interruptions in support lately, I’m afraid it was not possible to do a better job due to circumstances.

I checked the issue. Please enable the “Load Styles and Scripts from other Plugins”(Gif)

Working example gif

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Kind regards, Juni

Hello, is it possible to remove the ‘countdown timer’ on the coming soon page(s)? I would just like to have a logo, coming soon and the email sign up. Thanks!

Hi sleektoad,

Thank you for your interest! Yes You can disable countdown and any other block that you don’t want please watch this video to get a better idea of the settings.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions :)


Hi there, I bought this item sometimes ago but anytime I tried to install it I always get this message: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Please help. Thanks

Hi abayomix,

Thank you for purchasing!

You can have a look at our installation guide. Since this is a plugin and you probably are trying to install it as WordPress theme that’s why you are getting that error.

Kind regards,

Hey!. Thank you for the quick response. Its all sorted now. Have a great week.


lzach Purchased

It seems that I don’t have all of the available features as shown in your demo. I only have two skins, no testimonials, can’t add pages…there seems to be quite a bit missing. I have compared my admin panel to what is shown in your screenshots and mine looks nothing like that. How do I get the FULL version with all of the features? Thank you

Hey Izach, Thank you for purchasing!.

Do you have the latest version of MiniGo downloaded? Please take a look at this tutorial to download the latest version from your account.

The latest version number in your MiniGo admin should be 3.0.7.

Kind regards,


lucia123 Purchased

i i am trying to use yr plugin in local machine, the plugin has “1 error found” i don’t understand what type of error, anyway i when i try to upload nr 4 skin nothing append and who the plugin is on my homepage is the same before. can you help me please? thx so much

Dear lucia123,

I’m really sorry for the interruptions in support lately, I’m afraid it was not possible to do a better job due to circumstances.
Thank you for purchasing, That error is showing because the youtube URL is starting with // instead of https://. You can update that URL and you’ll get rid of the error.

We are releasing an update very soon which will fix those issues.

Kind regards,


ContextMD Purchased

Really love this plug-in, it’s beautiful and works really cleanly, thank you!

For any newbie (like me!) who is not seeing the skin changes on the front end:

Log out of Wordpress as the User

This was driving me nuts and I wanted to share what solved my problem, hopefully it will help if you are running into something similar.

Hi ContextDM, Thank you for purchasing and sharing your experience.

We typically recommend the use of the orange “Preview” button in the admin which will open up the MiniGO front-end without the need to log out. Or you can use private tab to see MiniGo instead of your WordPress theme :)