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Is it possible to get notify by email when a file is uploaded ?

It currently isn’t a feature I have added, but yes it is possible, I haven’t had time to add this feature yet but seeing as many people are asking for it I will try and get around to it.

I have add it, and itegrated plupload to be able to upload 2 gig file… it’s almost ANOTHER ftp soft now…. thanks for the great base code…

Hi is there any way to not require a person to login to upload files?

I would like to use miniftp for clients to upload testimonials and i don’t want to have to create an account for each client. Ideally I would like people to just come to the url and be able to upload files. Is this possible?

Send me a message through my profile page and I will look into it.

Any updates on the message I sent you?

Ok i code tonight the email notification, it work great. Now i like to have a progress bar is it something you will code soon or i’am better to. Get code myselft ?

I don’t think a progress bar is something I will code. You are more than welcome to do it yourself.

I need to have about 25 account (login and password) and maybe different folder for each account…. how can i do that ?

Just login to the admin page (the main miniFTP page) click “Add miniFTP”, fill in the company name, username and password for each user. You will need to add them one at a time.

Have a great day!

Have you added a multiple upload feature yet? So they could select a few dozen pictures or files from their desktop and click upload once.

i have installed the FTP on a french server… As long as the file dont have accent, everything is fine, on file with accent…. it upload fine, it show fine, BUT IT NEVER delete, because of the accent… what i change to the code to make it work… I really need this fix asap. thanks in advance… add in note… the file are NOT written properly on the server !

Still doing support ?

fix it myself, thanks

Works well, the only thing it is missing is multiple file upload which makes it for me unusable as it is too slow one at a time. If you can add that it will be far more useful.

so no support anymore?

Contact me through my profile page please. Thanks