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when trying to upload an image I get an error

An error occured during the upload, please check the permissions.

Done and sent a few emails with the information and what I have tried

fixed and sent a mail with details about the problem

Thanks for the fast response. Yes it seems that adding an upload directory to the minicsliderpro module directory worked great.

I was wondering does this plugin work on an individual category by category basis?

What I mean is, if I add this to 10 different categories can I get the products from those categories to display?

Hi, no you cant, this module is an advanced slideshow to show your custom images.

Thanks for your quick response

How can I resize the slider? It’s too big! Thanks

Hi, the best if you make the images to be as big as you wish, because nivo slider doesnt resize the images. Like this you have more options to play with and make awesome things :) If this isnt an option for you, you can set the width in the options of the slider (set only the width so the height will be automatically scaled). If you wish to position the whole slider i suggest you to edit some CSS or if you cant, you can make a new theme and play with the margin and padding values.

I assume you resolved the upload problem (cant find that comment).

Awesome works! Good job!

Hello, same problem : An error occured during the upload, please check the permissions.

Have you received my informations ?

Hi, sorry but i didnt received any email from you.

Hum ok. I send you informations with a another email address

how do i display text/info over the images instead of the default bottom, as it is seen in the demo website “”

for all slides, like “fancy and responsive” etc?

how do we do it ?

Hi, those are images not text. The text is at the bottom, but if you want to build something you can do it with the theme creator. You can move the text box where you want, you can change the color, size, background color, etc.

With your module, can we display a…
  • slideshow only on category pages?
  • different slideshow on each category page?


Hi, You can display only on category pages but you cant show different slideshows on different category pages without modifying the module. How much category do you have? Multistore can be a good solution for the problem if you have few categories.

OK. We only have a few categories but we are not interested in enabling multi store just to workaround this. Thanks for your fast reply!

Good day,

1. How do i make sure the slider is responsive? I tried resizing the browser but it still remain the same size

2. The image can be hyperlink to a product or category right?



Can be responsive, maybe a little configuration is needed to limit the width of the images, because will be on 100% by default.

ok…what type and where would i configure it?

Well, first you should install it and check the behavior of the module. Than we can choose the best solution to the problem. I can help if needed.

Good day minicstudio,

My developer has installed the module…but he says it is working fine locally…but not on the server…can you check on it?

Do you have a personal skye or email that i can contact you?

Regards. B.

Hi, just answered to your email.

Hi. We are interested in buying MinicSlider Pro version, but we want to know some things before:

1) What are the differences between free and pro version? 2) Is the Pro version responsive (for smartphone&tablet display)? 3) Where can we see MinicSlider Pro in action? The demo page is not working right now…



Yes, you can if you buy the extended license. BTW the slider doesnt support the latest Prestashop v1.6.x versions, you saw that right?

Hi! Finally, we have purchased your Slider Pro version. We have installed it on but the module do not show anything (however the free version works ¿?). Can we send us a PM to check qhat is going wrong?


Just noticed that you wrote me. I`m checking the PM now.

The MinicPro slider is no longer allowing me to upload or edit images/banners in my Prestashop. It is always throwing an error about the image being undefined. Even though the images meet the minimum spec. I even tried updating the same image that was once successfully uploaded to the slider and now it is not accepting any new image or update to existing sliders again.

image is a .jpg and I have tried with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all on an iMac…all give the same error.

Well the only thing i can think of is the iMac. No one reported such problem, you are the first. I`m sure its related to you.

Anyway I can disable that fancy upload thing so you`ll get a simple file upload input, but i need an FTP access for that.

ok, for some reason, when I click update, it works now…I am baffled at the behavior. Isnt there a way to have both upload option rather than disabling one for one in the code? I am concerned about future updates to the extension that will overide any hard code changes.

Thanks for the superquick support…

Hello, I am using the minic slider pro on my website, but i have a problem, the slider blocks the drop downs from the menu from showing, is there a fix for this? it also does it on the mobile version too


Yes you should add a higher z-index for the menu. Let me know if you need more help.

Is there a maximum number of slides as in the “minicslider”?

No, theres no such limits.

Ok Thank you! You wrote that the pro version doesn’t support 1.6.x versions (last year February). Is this supported now? The free minic slider works fine in my theme on

I didn’t updated the backend to bootstrap, so isn’t mobile friendly and some buttons maybe looks weird, but everything is working as expected.

when trying to upload an image I get an error

“An error occurred during the image upload. Please check the upload directory permission in the module folder.”


Send over the invoice from the buying, a back office access and FTP access via a PM and i’ll check it.

Great plugin good luck with sales