M.I.N.I Touchable Showcase & Portfolio Slider 8in1

M.I.N.I Touchable Showcase & Portfolio Slider 8in1

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New Updates – 20.02.12

  • IE8 Bugs Repaired in the “Wine” Slider
  • Video Add/Remove Function, to stop Video Playing if detail Window is opened/closed

New Updates – 28.01.12

  • IE8 Bugs Repaired in the “Wine” Slider – Detail Button Opacity Failure

What is it?

Mini – jQuery Showcase and Portfolio Slider Plugin is not only one but unlimited(!) way of showing your items and contents in a stylish way.

We put in 7+1 Themes for helping you style your content the way it deserves.

Customize this slider with just a little HTML (and CSS if you want) to your very needs. Giving each slider multiple elements you will find a perfect way to transport your message.

So what is so new?

What makes this Slider unique is that you can define everything via CSS or HTML which makes it 100% customizable.

7+1 Themes are included, they could be used as boilerplate for building your own styles too. Let your creativity fly, build your own styles.

Touch swipe on iOS and Android mobile devices is of course included. So it works on every modern browser (including IE8) and on mobile devices.

Is it hard to implement?

No! It is the typical way of implementing a jQuery plugin. You just need to know little HTML and Javascript.
Thanks to the 7+1 themes in best cases only some customization of pure content is needed to get the needed result. Otherwise the themes are an awesome start point to build your slider out of it. Put the JS and CSS links in the head of your HTML site and build an unsorted list of items for example like this:

< li>
   < div class="normal_content">
       < img src="images/standard/latest_projects/pic2.jpg" alt=""><br />
   < /div>
   < div class="hover_content">
      < div class="hover_title green">Ut duo odio posse< /div>
      < div class="hover_readmore">
            < a href="#" class="button small green"> < span> READ MORE < /span>< /a>< /div>
      < div class="hover_divider back_green">< /div>
      < div class="hover_cont">Et vel mutat clita torquatos, est in euripidis scriptorem, ex doming dolores democritum.< /div>

   < div class="toolbar">
      < div class="title">Green Example< /div>
   < /div>
< /li>

What are the Features?

  • Mousewheel enabled
  • Ease, Themes, navigation button types, button and text colors… all customizable
  • Swipe Touch enabled
  • Lightbox with Social Icons included
  • jQuery Conflict free plugin
  • Customizable 100% via Plugin Parameters / CSS / HTML
  • Easy installation in your Website
  • Any Image Size
  • Special Easing
  • Example Pages included
  • Themeable for all surroundings
  • Everything is Slideable

Thank you for your time!!

If you face problems while using one our Items please create a ticket at We will come back to you asap!

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