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The menu colors look really bad on Samsung S4… Bad color taste with un-smoothen graphics

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

You mean that you don’t like its color and want to change it or it has issues on Samsung S4? Have you tested on another device or on PC)

Yes I mean on Samsung especially it looks like the colors are wrong. Like a 32-bitmap turned into 16-colors. It just feels wrong you know :)

Can you send us a screenshot from it? We haven’t a S4, but it looks fine on other devices. Send us the picture so we can see what is causing this issue.

is it construct ? Or JS only ?


It is made with Gamemaker engine.

Great Game! Question, is there a way I can inject some HTML between holes? For instance, after 3 holes, a small banner appears, repeat.

Are there special tools that I need for reading the .js file?

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

It can be done. But email us so that we can discuss it in more details.

Hi before i purchase the game would i be able to change the graphics and colors on the page.i also need to create some sort of leader board with player who played with name and email addresses???



You can easily change the graphic and appearance of the game. But adding a leader board isn’t easy. If you like to add a leader board, we have to do some modifications for you and then we will tell you how you can add such a system. If you like, contact us via our email so we can talk more about it.

Thank you so much, will email you straight away

No problem. I will answer you there.

Also its unplayable in Firefox mobile

I haven’t tested it on Firefox mobile. But can you tell me what is the issue? It doesn’t run properly or it doesn’t run at all? Also is there any error message or something?

There are no error messages, the game is extremely slow, eg if you click you wait about 1 min before anythin happens on screen. It might just be my phone. Will test on an ipad

I’m not sure about Firefox mobile, but I have a similar issue on my laptop. A few of our games run very slowly on Chrome on my laptop, but they run smoothly on other computers or other browsers. I don’t know what causes this, but it is probably related to the device (like my laptop). Test it on another device and it still had issue, tell us and we will try to find the reason.

is there a way to scrape the high score at the end of the game?


There are some ways for doing it. Contact us via our email so that we can give you more details.

i have just sent you an email, please check and help its urgent

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

I have answered your email.

An outstanding game – very addictive. There is a really nice movement to the action on it. Very easy to customise as you can see from this example about Victorian Golf:


Thank you! :)

And nice work!

Does this work with Xcode?

Hi there and really sorry for answering late, your comment was marked as read by mistake.

For using this game with xcode and making native ios version, you need to have the game’s project file which is not included in the package and must be bought separately and you also need to have Game Maker’s license and know how to work with it.

Hi there,

That game also belongs to us! :)

Check that account’s name. You will see the word smile in it. We use smile in all of our accounts names on different markets.