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is it possible use another ads for examble leadbolt?

Here is the list of available ad providers: You can use them with minor code modifications

Hi – I’ve modified track1 using Level Director but as the cars are driving around it ( a few seconds after begining) I get a prompt the Corona Simulator (also a similar message on a real device) play.lua:380: attempt to index upvalue ‘target’ (a nil value) stack traceback: play.lau:380: in function <play.lua:371>?:in function <?:205>. I haven’t modified anything other than the tracks – any idea what I might be doing wrong?

It happens 6.9 – 7 Seconds into playing even if the player does nothing and the enemy is the only one racing.

Hi, ‘target’ refers to the points used to navigate the enemy car. If the error occurs after 7 seconds it means that you must have deleted one or more points (but not the first ones). Probably for example ‘p5’ is missing so it crashes. You must check the track again in level director and add missing points.

Thanks Fifdee for the excellent support – sure enough I’d missed a number! thanks again :)

Is it possible amendment to the language using the Android Studio or Eclipse. Please reply as soon as possible. thanks

It’s not possible. Some of the texts are based on images, other strings can be edited in the code itself.

How do you increase the acceleration speed? both reverse and going forwards?

Check play.lua: line 556 and below.

If I create more than 10 tracks I get a runtime error on the track selection menu – tracks.lua:95: attempt conatenate field ’?’ (a nil value) when I go from track 10 to track 11

Is 10 tracks the max or have I done something wrong?

I received your email yesterday but I’m quite busy with my regular job. I’ll investigate later today if I find time.

Ok I found the cause – please open main.lua and go to line 50. Instead of “for i=1,10 do” make “for i=1,max_missions do”. Of course you must put desired value of “max_missions” in edit.lua. After doing it you must delete sandbox files in simulator to see the changes. Click File -> Show project sandbox and then remove the folder which is highlighted.

Hi, I can see there was a spark option but it’s been commented out (should it work?) – is it possible to play a sound if the cars collide against each other or something else as well as the spark?

Hi, I don’t remember right now why I didn’t include this option but there’re some reasons. You can try uncommenting it and see if it works. Sound could be played at the beginning of the collision I suppose, it’s probably possible to do

does this template game support the current version of corona 2016.2992

I have just checked in simulator and it worked without problems.

Hey following are the changes i do after purchasing this game can i do them all as listed below? Changes in the game we gonna buy named mini car racing:-

1.too much ads in current game try to balance ad and user gaming experience as much as possible.

2.curent track is small extend the width of track by 30%from it’s current width. Car speed should be increase in fee seconds not rapidly.

3. No stones in road (hurdles) in tracks. Make first 4levels fluent to play. Increase hurdles in next tracks by smaller percentage max 1-2 stones.

3. On screen controls should be big but transparency level should be their include steering in controls

4. Addsome graphics on cars Catchy once.

5. replace track borderline by white and black color.