Mini Car Racing +Admob +IAP +Incentivized Video Ad

Mini Car Racing +Admob +IAP +Incentivized Video Ad

NEW YEAR 2017 SALE!! $17 instead of $25 !!

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REMEMBER: If you want to include In App Purchase in your version of the game after buying this template, you should buy the EXTENDED license – then users can be charged for the digital content. In App Purchase is optional – you can buy the regular license if you don’t plan to use In App Purchase.

You don’t know Corona SDK? Don’t worry! You’ll make a signed “apk” in few minutes (for free)!

IN APP PURCHASE included! Players can unlock new cars for real money.

INCENTIVIZED VIDEO ADS included! Players can watch videos to get in-game currency.

ADMOB INTERSTITIALS included! At the beginning of the game and with frequency of showing that you can set up.

GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES included! Global leaderboards containing best times for each track.

INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE – multitouch used for playing.


MAKE YOUR OWN TRACKS! With 3rd party graphical editor for windows you can make your own tracks (costs $19,99) – it’s optional, you can use tracks which are included!

DOCUMENTATION INCLUDED! It’s explained step-by-step how to customize your game, what should be changed, what can be configured and how to prepare your own tracks with graphical editor!

RESKIN IS NEEDED – you must replace watermarked images with your own.

The aim of this game is to win the races and get best times which can be uploaded online using google play services. Every time the player wins the race he gets coins to unlock new cars (10 cars to unlock!!!).

5 tracks included, every track has 3 difficulty levels which are unlocked after winning previous races. Included engine sound, click sounds for menu and music – you can use this music as long as you keep the author in the “credits” section of the game.

The game is made with Corona SDK (version 2015.2729 and higher should be used). Send me a message or comment if you have any questions. I’m always happy to answer.