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Thanks a lot for this great piece of code! I would like to know the number of comments of a picture on Instagram.

Is that also possible?


Yes, you can use for example

$info = $mb->getInstagramPic("BbyrdS1D9OE");
echo $info["comments"]->count;
I’m going to add the comments count in the next version, also in the other methods
Hi, I used your demo found here:

When I set website for the $SEED, it does not crawl the entire website. It just stays on that one page. Am I supposed to do something to make it crawl the entire website instead of just staying on one page?


maybe you have some error, or the SEED doesn’t contain any link. and maybe that code is old (2013).

i am getting error when i verify emails is this Demo working ? i want to buy this to verify Emails , do you have any other system which can verify Emails ?

Hi, which email have you tried with the demo?


AttaCK Purchased


Is there a new problem with getInstagramPicsByTag?

Hi AttaCK, yes you’re right. I will check it soon.

Fixed and just uploaded the new version to CodeCanyon. You will see it soon.


AttaCK Purchased

Thank you so much :)


Is there a new problem with getInstagramPics? All other functions seem to be working fine for me except for that one.

Can you check and confirm?


Yes, today I will upload the Fox!

hello there , getInstagramPics is not working, can you please fix it?

already uploaded yesterday, please download new version

hello there thank you but sometimes it is working and sometimes it gives empty answer. what is the problem?

I can’t see this problem, maybe it happens before the last update. Remember also that this is not an official apu so if you make a lot of calls you may be blocked by Instagram.


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Hello and thank you for the constant updates. Is there a simple way I can check if a website is running http or https with this script. Thank you.

at this moment there isn’t this check in my class, sorry. you can google it, I’ve found this:

Hi. I need check media type in istagram if a video or image, it’s possible?

I have fxed it :-)

Hi, the getInstagramFollowers function does not work anymore. Instagram changed the code again. Its now: $b->entry_data->ProfilePage[0]->graphql->user->edge_followed_by->count;

You’re right! I forgot to fix it in the last update. I will fix it today.

Hello, is it possible to get large or full images from Google or other sources?

I’m sorry, when I made these functions I didn’t found a way to get the full images and I haven’t tried anymore.