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Hello; How can i understand if a twitter username public, or protected (private) can you please send me a code to add. Please it is urgent?

just uploaded the new version that supports private flag value. please wait that codecanyon approves it and sends you the notification. :-)

thanks a lot. can you mail this version to because it is urgent

Already gave you 5 stars :) Thanks a lot.

Hello, we are looking for a script doing auto favorite and retweet based on hashtags, here’s an example :

I can’t help you on this task, sorry


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Hi, methods: getGoogleBackLinks and getGoogleIndexedPages don’t work (I’ve tested file test3.php), please help.

Best regards, E

mm… you’re right. Those methods are no longer available without registration from Google, so it’s not possible to use them with my Minibots class. I’m going to update the class and the item.

Hello, can I convert from latitude and longitude to real addresses using say Google map and Openstreet map?

I’ve not made that function yet. I’m sorry at this moment I’ve not planned it.

Hi, I´m trying to use the function GetInstagramPics and I get a error message because of the CURL_FOLLOWLOCATION. My Host does not support open_basedir and as far as I understand it now the function does not work without this.

Is there a way around? Without using open_basedir ?

Then I just get bool(false) but no warning

I talked to my hosting company. They say that open_basedir is enabled already, but I need to check that my script is not accessing files out of my account directories. It is a webhosting.

I hope this will help us, to fix this.

You are accessing files outside Your server (not only outside your account). Please send me privately a temporary ftp account and I Will check it.

Hi There;

Twitter follower count is not working. It was working yesterday but today not. Is there a problem?

It’s still working on my installation. Sometimes it depends on your server ability to retrieve pages on https. You can try to change the parameter at the top of the class: use_file_get_contents_https I’ve setted it to true to make it work.

Hi, I tried the script today and found that the function getInstagramPics($user) does not display the count for ‘Followed By’. The interactive demo also has this issue. Can you please fix this? Apart from displaying ‘Followed By’ count, can the script also display ‘Following’ count? Thanks for the wonderful script :)

Hi, thank you for purchase! I can find the Followed by count, both in getInstagramPics method and in getInstagramFollowers method, you can check it here:


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Can you update demo to use mysqli?

Minibots doesn’t use a database. What are you talking about?


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Sorry I was thinking its your tutorial

Hello ginoplusio

Thanks for your awesome php minibots class. But I’m missing a very important element: the number of media posts a user on instagram has: $data[user]->media; Follows and Followed by are correct.

Could you please tell me how i can get the number of posts of an instagram user? I tried counting all the $data[pics], but the function only returns 11 rows. That’s my 2nd question: Is that standard? Isn’t it possible to return all pictures?

Thank you very much!

Yes, I’ve fixed it and I’m uploading right now to Codecanyon, they have to approve it before you can receive it.

Is the new version released?

No. It’s still in the approvation queue. :-(

Hi Gino Plusio

Another question. If I call GetInstagramPics with a username that does not exist, my site gives following error and stops loading the rest: The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

I can’t check if $data is array or not. Error is always being shown and I can’t do anything. How to fix?

Thank you!

Yes, I forgot to comment the line
if(curl_error($ch)) die(curl_error($ch));
In the updated version I’ve commented it.

Hello sir i purchased this scripts may i ask you.

How i get description in google search top 10 example image

Please code example. Thank.

For that specific wikipedia voice you can try this:
$mb=new Minibots();
echo $mb->doSpelling("berlusconi");
(not tested). In the Minibots class there isn’t a specific method to get description from google results.

This doSpelling can use if i want get description from search how i do.

Thank sir.

Sorry Singsangchai! wrong answer. :) you have to user the “wikiDefinition” method.
$mb=new Minibots();
But I’ve just seen that there is a problem on that method, you have to modify the line number 725 and write https instead of http. Or you can wait for the fix in the next update I will upload to CodeCanyon.

We bought Mini Bots PHP Class some time ago, and have been using it to get getInstagramPicsByTag, but it dosent seem like it is working anymore and when we check out your class preview and demos for minibots it dosent seem like getInstagramPicsByTag is there anymore… Have this feature been removed since the url to get tags from always returns 404 in curl.

Today it’s working again! :-)

Sweet, will i need to update the class or just use it as before?

You don’t need any update, it works just as before.

Hi There is an error in the twitterInfo method: The number of “following” is shown 2 times printed. P.e… [following] => 163163 Should be… [following] => 163

Hi @Imoliver, I’ve updated the class and I’m going to upload it to CodeCanyon now.

Thanks you!! “In bocca al lupo”

Hello dear friend, really a great software, but what we call large images instead of thumbnails in a Google image search, because only the 300 px value being invoked in pictures, I want to be called for the larger images, thanks, if this is not possible, and the software I got, unfortunately it won’t solve my problem, I’ll be sad and it will be taken in vain. :( thanks for your help, good luck my dear friend

Hi ersoyyasar, google image search can’t be scraped easily, but there is another method that retrieves images from PicSearch image service. I’ve just added and uploaded to CodeCanyon a new version with the method getImageBig which retrieves the full size image url for images from PicSearch. I hope this will work nicely for you. The news version will be available for you for download in a couple of days I think.


I’ve been using your script for a while now and I just recently bought updates so I could fix the instagram picture function. That works now, but my instagram video function stopped working. Does the latest update no longer include it?


Video was never checked. How do you use it?

Hello great work, congratulations !!!!

1)How do I rank images in getInstagramPicsByTag?

2) I would need somewhere from the last date or hour (the last one first) – buy a code on your

Thanks jirka

What do you mean with “rank”? Instapostcards is available here:


The getInstagramPic function is no longer working. Can you please test and fix the issue? I did my test by downloading the latest version of your code.

Thanks, Arnab

Hi, Did you get a chance to look into the issue? I have already sent you the FTP information few days back. Thanks, Arnab

Sorry, I was away for a job a few days. Now I’m back. Now I try.



awesome class, I’m fan, thank you.

But unfortunately the readFacebookPageCounters function seems to no longer working. Hope you can fix it soon, thanks!

I also tried with the last version.

Hi Gino, thank you for your answer! Yes it works on your demo. But when I’m looking at function’s code and trying to debug it, I can get information but when I print the results of ($content) I’m getting arabic characters (or something) but with the correct numbers. They are simply not well parsed with preg_match all (line 844). I don’t think it’s a FB connection problem. Let me know

Can you send me privately an FTP access to see the problem and try to fix it?

Sent, thank you!

With getInstagramPicsByTag would be great to fetch the total number of images for that hashtag.

Yes, it would be, but at this moment I can’t find it. :-/

Hi There;

How can i get the RT count and Like count of a spesific tweet url . (For isntagram you enabled it with getInstagramPic($link) but for twitter there is no solution?)

This is a link of a tweet – You want to get the numbers: 4 retweets and 15 likes?

Yes exactly.