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hi add play and download songs from url that is will be great


Hi, this is only demo version

I want to know if what I want exists before i buy

Hi, here not additional button to play mp3. If you want I add you where o you want . Thanks

i got an error “The project was not built due to “Could not delete ’/Mini/bin/classes/com’.”. Fix the problem, then try refreshing this project and building it since it may be inconsistent. how will i fix this?? please help me

I’m online

i’m online too!

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Great App, MosaicDesign was helpful too, look forward to more from the developer. View the customised App

Great work !

i solved the problem! but will you help me these? 1.change the package name 2.Add more categories in portfolio 3.add more photos in gallery 4.change color of the theme Thanks

Hi, send us A lot of text to write here Thanks

thanks its okay now! but when i built and install in my phone the launcher displays version no and the name mini! i changed everything but still displayed mini! please help me

Hi, Open res/values/string.xml and CHANGE appname

Are this project available in android studio only? Can me import this project to eclipse?

Hi, this project for eclipse and included Android Studio file too

Good afternoon Could you tell me how resource to put myself in the League and not be traced to google

hi. I did not understand you question. Please more detail.

This is offline app. resourced worked only local on phone or tablet. Thanks

hello I want to put a link to open the example www.crystalhosting.deand the opening did not you tell me how?

hi,, why you not update new admob on easyvie source code??

no support and answer

please cek your gigs

Hi, send me I say why i don’t update

can you share on public coment sir :D

Admob ready

Hi can i publish it on google play store. I have the developer licence.

PURCHASE with Extended License if commerce use. Thanks

Hi! any updates on this one?