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Pls make horizontal version!!!!

at the moment there are no plans for an horizontal version of the game, if you want us to customize it for you write at support@codethislab.com

Really addictive game but it takes 3 minutes to finish all 10 levels))) Does this game allow to extend the level creation? Please inform is there a way to create a unique (random) level combination when you restart the game? Right now if you restart the game from the beginning the levels remains the same. And also is there a way to make at least 30 or 50 levels?

Hi! please send an email at support@codethislab.com

Hi, I predict you were accepting my questions as a custom work?! But what I mean is your current published item available here! Do you have plans to improve this game regarding my questions without a custom work? I think all your existing and future buyers will find my suggestions very useful :)

P.S. My questions also concern the Docs! In case if you don’t have plans to make an extra levels as well as a unique/random levels once the game is restarted, will you be able to provide the detailed Docs on how to do it?

Hi! All our products are mini games with few levels, if some customers ask for extra levels we consider it a customization. As for the documentation, we already provide a readme file for simple edits that every customer can do by himself but if the change entails the modifications of great part of code, we can’t provide a documentation.

Nice game my friend! : -)

thank you!!! :D

???? ?? ? ??????? , ???? ????? ??? ???? ? Construct 2 ??? capx file ?????

Can I open ETU game with Construct 2 as capx ?????

as written in the item details, this game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party library CreateJs – http://createjs.com/ (not Construct2 or other framework). So you can’t open the game with c2

I’m not familiar with createjs yet, does this package include editable source code?

Hi, I’m interested in one of your products, nice job!

I have some questions, maybe this can be good for you:

1 – Right now I don’t have Construct 2 because the licence is too expensive in my country. Using your app template: Can I customize every thing and then you do the export the project? – If yes, how much it will cost for me?

2 – Another option is: Can I do the graphics, and then you do the customizations? Let’s face it: You’re better than me with programming and it will be easy for you to handle little modifications on your own code. – If yes, how much it will cost for me?

3 – About monitization, can you help me? – If yes, how much it will cost for me?

I can learn every thing I’m asking, but I think its much better to do bussiness, instead. It can be a win-win situation.

Thanks for your attention, and again: Nice work.


This game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party library CreateJs not in C2. So you don’t need Construct 2 to customize it.

Anyway, for any customizations, write at support@codethislab.com

hi! why the game is not saving the results/the last level after refresh the page? is there option to change it?

hi, the original version of the game doesn’t have this feature. If you want we can customize the game for you. Write at support@codethislab.com to get a quotation

Hi, This game doesn’t seem to end like your others? Can the user play as long as they want?

Howdy… Did you get a chance to review this issue? The game doesn’t ever call the save function?

hi, we found out the issue. Actually it isn’t a bug, the game works in this way. Anyway, we’ll release a new version with the same saving score system as our other games, I’ll keep you posted about this.

AWESOME! Thank you! :)

Hello! I’m interesting on those game you create, but I’ll like to know if its easy to translate it in other language.

Hi! You can easily change game text for different languages, editing the file CLang.js