Discussion on Minecraft Skin App Template With Admin Panel

Discussion on Minecraft Skin App Template With Admin Panel

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this code still work ? also any update soon

yes, the app still works. Updates will be made for new android versions.

Hello, I’m interested in buying your project, I have just a simple question Can I change the skins?

Hi, of course you can change skins. Project included reskin document.

demo is not working & app is crashing again & again.

On android 11, skin rendering is now working. Skin is not appearing on the screen. Then i tried on old android, on older version its working.

This issue only occurs on some devices with android 11. We are working on it to solve it.

Hi, I tried the Demo application on my Nokia devices with Android 10 and 11 but the preview is not displayed, when there is a solution I will buy the project, I will be watching, greetings.

This is not a problem seen on all android devices. Only some devices show this error. We will make an update about it.

The 3D model does not appear correctly, for some reason it appears black. What is the solution?

3D skin viewing feature does not fully work on some android 11 devices. We also received this issue as feedback from previous buyers. An update will be released when the issue is resolved.

Congratulations,Nice Work,Good Luck with Sales :)


Hello, is anything difference and better than the old app?

I haven’t done a real test but I think it will take 1-1.5 minutes on average depending on internet speed.

Oh my friend, that’s a lot of time. Do you have any solution for that problem? Like lazy load… Because that’s real world app.

I would happily purchase new version if that problem can be solved.

Error in real device samsung android 11 and 10 Dark screen …

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Thanks for your feedback. I will check them in the next update.

in the next update? It is a bug that you have to fix now,!!!! Samsung devices are the best sellers with android

The application has been tested and works on a pixel device with android 11 installed. We do not have the opportunity to test on all brands and models. If it doesn’t work on a specific make or model, we’ll try to fix it in future updates. I got your feedback, if this is a general issue we will fix it in the next update.

updated to android 11

The app has been updated for android 11 and tested on google pixel device. You can see it working from the video preview.

not showing in preview, just black

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)


Share the demo publicly, ask permission to download.

Well apparently it works

Another error, the contact button does not work, the application closes. fix it (on android 11)

And about the first problem, the skin is not shown in the preview, it only looks black, what is the solution?

For the contact button, you need to write your e-mail address. Follow the reskin documentation, you will make changes to the file.

The app has been tested and works on Google Pixel device with Android 11. If it doesn’t work on your device, it’s a device-related problem. If you write the phone model and brand, I can look for a solution to this problem in future updates.


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