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Sorry, I have only screenshots. I will buy a host in next days. The script required pdo and sockets open in your host.

I’m glad someone has finally made another MC server script and I hope even more are produced. The pages look a little bland, but the sidebar is unique and gives it a nice touch.


Thank you. In next update will add more options.


Great, can’t wait to see what’s next!

Hmm, there is some mistakes. I enter ip adres as a domain it dont accepts it and port should be have default. Because when people give like that they forward port too so there is no need for it.

You need from ip and port for get server data. Server name is used for identification and for search option.

You dont get the point… I’m trying to say that server ip:port can be subdomain.domain.[com,net,..]

I understand. I will add this in next update.

Is this comparable to MCMyadmin?

With this script you can view online players, installed plugins, mc version… MCMyadmin is better. Sorry.

Hey, Is this using xPaw query?

Yes. I wrote in documentation.

Can’t you make something like this for SA:MP?

Anyway this is awesome man, Keep up!


Thank you. I think will create this script.

Great, I will surely buy that when it’s done. :)


Uptime feature? If you’re looking for hosting, or open to some freelancing add me on Skype: SnowFalls25


Add demo minecraft server

After addition of 5 servers. Site ceases to be loaded. Lag terribly!


Yes because this script use 2 query class. First class for servers with query disabled and second for other. If you know good query class, please tell me because I want change.

I wrote to the email reply to me there.

Hey! Where updates! When they come out?

Is it a Minecraft Server List software too?