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Is it possible to add an SSL certificate at a later moment? I’ve added it and it breaks the script. I read in an earlier question that the https should be added when installing but i have installed the script a while ago.

Is it possible to change the http to https in a file? I’m unable to find an answer in the earlier support questions or in the files. Thanks


Yes, it is possible. You can change the http linking to https from the phpmyadmin -> select the current database -> select the settings table -> edit the ‘url’ column and add the “s” in “http”



Totally worked, thanks a lot. Kind regards, Memonon

Hey, as an addition to making a site ‘safe’ (http) I noticed that on server pages the share this buttons are not called in anymore since this is done by a unsafe (http) url. While trying to fix this, i believe, sharethis has changed a bit and I was unable to find the “publisher id” which has to be set in the admin settings under “api’s”.

I managed to fix it myself by adding the needed code in the files myself replacing the code that calls in the ‘unsafe’ sharethis code.

I don’t know if you are aware of this change on publisher id or that i’m wrong in it. just wanted to let you know anyway.

Kind regards, Memonon

Hello Yesterday I bought your server list, I have uploaded the files and I am now trying to connect to the MySQLi database but it won’t connect I keep getting this error ” We couldn’t connect to the database ! “

I was able to change the favicon logo as well but for some reason, the background image just doesn’t want to change.

Okay I have deleted the image and css directory and re downloaded the css files and changed them and re uploaded them and now its working. Thank you for all your help <3

No problem! I’m glad you made it work!

Hello it’s me again ;p Is there a way to make it so people can add their server using a domain IP instead of a numerical IP address and make it so when they enter it the port isn’t required.


There is a plugin that deals with the domain linking to IP ( SRV Record ) and that will solve your problem, and the port can be made as optional by me, yes.

Here is the plugin: SRV Record



Nice I got it now also is there a way for users to add an image to the description?

Hello, images are not allowed in the description but it can be done with some custom development. Let me know if you need it

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Hello! Thanks for this script, unfortunetaly my host isn’t able to release the ports (php sockets) for me as it is against their company policy. Could you recommend me a (cheap as possible) host where I can easily do this?

I see you’ve recommend a VPS in your description but I don’t know how these work or how I would set up the website.



The cheapest would be Hosting24, but keep in mind for the normal webhost package I believe that they offer 5 opened ports If you wanna check them out, use my discount code: MCSERVERS