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Getting “The ip entered is not a valid address!” even though I am entering a valid, legit IP:

Hi bherbert, sorry this is cause it’s checking for numbers only I will adjust now to make it work with address’s too

I have made the changes to the demo and to the files here, they are waiting on codecanyon to process them. If purchased before i will manually send you the file changes.


Cool, looks good. C: I’m probably starting a server list in the next few weeks and will definitely get a copy of this. :)

I believe you should now add 1.Facebook/Twitter/Addthis features? 2.How about animated GIF? 3.Image Size 4.Google Fonts option

Hi Jackpotsoft, We have been working on adding the option for different sized banners and different fonts, aswell as background images as appose to just colous. We are hoping to release some of these features in the coming weeks. :)


Fonts have been added and submitted waiting on codecanyon to accept

Yeah maybe on here, but not on Flippa. CodeCanyon can’t do anything. And as much as you’ve only sold one they can’t prove it’s him/her.

I’ve already got full details on him, i’ve submitted it to flippa and will contact Evanto about it. No one else has a copy of this script except me and the person who has purchased it

Great news; the auction was shut down :)

Looks nice, but your price is to high. I know programs that do this and much more for only a few extra bucks. After more customization is added this will turn out really nice.

I dont decide the price :( however i have got a few updates done im hoping to release this week. Allowing users to chose their banner size, font size ect.

Alright, I might consider getting it. You should also add the option to chose your own text, so it’s not just about servers. A option for admins to add a watermark would also be good.

Great banner generator, was wondering; does its posible users to pick different backgrounds as image file? I mean if we have 10 images as backgrounds and users to use them instead.

If this is avalible / posible i would buy this script.

This is something ive been working on implementing for quite some time, ill continue with it when i get in from work and try and get something uploaded before the end of the week

Demo is down and im wanting to buy this please. is there another link to view it working?

All updated will be done to this script so you well get them free :)

sounds too good to be true at this price :) thank you so much i have already purchased and will upload it as soon as my site becomes activates

(perhaps add a donation link so i can send a few beers your way? :) )

Thank you again Luke

Any Updates planned Bogblob? launching my serverlist site soon and would love to use this :)

Can you show how the banner looks like?