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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks mate!

thanks mate!

Sunt un simplu roman, vad alt roman pe codecanyon, comentez. Arata bine ca ai folosit si font-ul din joc, insa nu inteleg un lucru. Tu trebuie sa scrii contul de Mojang sau exista si un cont demo cu care pot incerca ? Succes !

Salut :D,la fel aici:).Mersi iar legat de cont, trebuie sa ai un cont mojang.Mult succes si tie.. I also like your products !

You gonna make a Minecraft toplist script?

Hy Lyrocis, Don’t quite understand what top list you reffer. You mean servers top list or ?

If this script gets attention i might develop it further and add some server list and filter option

Thanks mate and good luck with your sales!

Hi their,

I like the front layout of the (Minecraft Account Login) but I like to be able to login as a user and maybe see the admin side if possible ?

Let me know thanks,


Hello jcholl9, well this is only the login API setup..and it’s easy to implement it into any other systems. Think it as the facebook login where you let your visitors to login with their fb account without too much effort. This will let the users login with their minecraft account. It can also be easily implmented into the wordpress so you allready get the administration page from the wordpress.

Didn’t get the part with the administration part quite well. You would like a administration panel to check the logged users or?! Sorry if i’m mistaken something. Wish you all the best!

I think you made it clear enough thank you… I can build any kind of site using this code or use it as an alternative login source if setup correctly. Thanks

yes jcholl9..indeeed..well glad you got it :D wish you all the best!

Hi. I own http://auc.enderdragon.org – I am wondering if you are able to install this script as a verification process for the auctions? I would want users to have to verify they own the account by logging in to be able to sell it. Let me know if you can do this! Thanks!

Hy theofficialsean, Well you can actually do this pretty simple and in multiple ways aswell.

Assuming that you website allready has a upload/sell function..you can add this little script as a page before getting to the upload one..so it’s like you login with your mc account..and instead of the “logged in” page you will redirect the user to the upload/sell page.

Another option it’s to directly implement the code inside your selling page since the code it’s really light-weight and really easy to implement.

In the end..wish you all the best.and if you get it i might be able to help you implement it :)

Awesome! Do you have a Skype I can contact you at? I would love for someone with experience to implement it rather than myself :P I am about to purchase it

Hy Sean, Well i’m not so keen on giving my skype here publicly, but you can send me an e-mail at paulmuntean@rocketmail.com with your skype and I will add you.

After you purchase the script i can take a look on how to implement inside your website this week.

Wish you all the best untill then!