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Hello there. First off, your product is great, I am very happy with my purchase. I am creating a site for my business consulting services. We create business plans and pitch decks. This script worked great for my plans as everything was portrait, but the landscape slides for the pitch decks don’t have the same success. How much would it be for you to do some custom coding and convert it so that it shows pitch deck slide at a time (landscape)?


Sorry I was on vacation. It is possible landscape. You need to change the width and height for the page. Read the documentation.


i have uploaded the extension (i did not touch the codes) onto my website but there seems to be an error. it is not showing anything when i uploaded it.

We are also seeing the following error messages “NetworkError: 404 Not Found –"

TypeError: $(...).turn is not a function $(’#fb8-book’).turn({

TypeError: $(...).turn is not a function $(’#fb8-book’).turn(‘size’,w_,h_);

Can you please advise us on whats the problem? I downloaded exactly what was provided and uploaded it. Is there a certain setup I might have missed out?

Regards, Han


You do not install the library “turn.js”.
Read the documentation “Installation”.


I have a new client with an existing website containing your flipbook plugin. They do not have the documentation for the product. Where may I find a copy?



If a customer bought a product he can download the file “” from the codecanyon.

The client’s prior developer bought the product. The client does not have access to the zip file.

Send a private message and show me the license purchase.

Is it possible to send just one file in a mail, and the receiver can view it as a pageflipper?


You can join FlipBook to the mail as an attachment. But it must be a folder of files (not as a single file)

hello I’d like to buy your nice blook, but I have a few questions before. Is it possible to easily set up the pages images. I have a software which split my PDF into 3 folders images : Large, Medium et Thumb. All the images have the same name but are in those 3 differents folders. I don’t want to spend time renaming file or going to different configuration files … I have also requierement for the images size. So, is it easy to set up ? could you send a doc to proove it ? thanks a million


This is the html version. You must manually add new pages in html or by using php (if you know). Php strongly accelerate adding pages but not everyone knows php.

Hi Not clear at all. My question is clear, your answer not -> I don’t buy


You can not create a FlipBook with several folders with one click of the mouse.

Hi, when you put the flipbook on a website, can I link directly to full-area.html, or do i have to link to index.html. I just edited the full-area.html code. My flipbook works. But i’m now wondering if I have to create the flipbook three times for it to be not-responsive and responsive.


This copy “full-area.html” 3 times (“full-area2.html”, “full-area3.html”). Remember that for every book you need to buy a separate license.


svp007 Purchased

Great product.

Quick question. We need to display one page in landscape orientation rather than 2 in portrait, which we have now. Is there something we can do in settings or in the code to make that change? Would purchasing the Mine Composer allow me to do that?


Documentation “G) Double Page”.