Mind Relaxing Sound - Sleep, meditation and nature (Android 11 Supported)

Mind Relaxing Sound - Sleep, meditation and nature (Android 11 Supported)

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Mind Relaxing sound is ideal for fatigue, stress, insomnia and sore nerves. It works great when you study, sleep, meditate, read, yoga and stay in the spa. It also works for children and babies. Listening to relaxing melodies reduces stress, improves concentration and relieves tinnitus.

With this application on your phone you can enjoy relaxing music and soothing melodies wherever you are and whenever you want. Playing soothing music when you sleep at night is the best way to have a restful sleep and an effective rest.

Mind Relaxing Sound App Features :-

★ Music to sleep:
Listening to the melodious sounds you will fall asleep easier, waking up more rested and started your day in a better mood.

★ Music to Concentration::
Relaxing music isolates you from the noise and ambient noise which makes it easier to concentrate and increase the level of focus.

★ Music for meditation:
Soothing sounds will let you calm down and achieve inner peace. The time to relax will be even more enjoyable.

★ Timer:
Timer – the app stops automatically.

★ Sound Adjustment:
Sounds individually adjustable with smoother controls.

★ Bedtime Reminder:
Don’t miss your bedtime with Sleep Alarm. This alarm consists of a bedtime alarm and a wake-up alarm. You can set a sleep amount with a sleep cycle.

★ Sound Mixture:
Customized or mix sound as per your choice and requirement.

★ Customize Sound / Favorite:
Save your customized sound as your wish.

★ 100% offline sleep sounds:
You can leave the phone close by activating the aircraft mode, because it’s 100% offline app.

★ High quality Ui Design

★ Admob Ads Integrated(Native and Interstitial)

★ 64 Bit Compatible & Android 11 Supported

★ Full Documentation Support with video

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