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The code is clean and works fine with the only warnings coming from the Game Center Helper Class (not Authors fault). The code is Extremely well documented BUT is very simplistic in nature. If you are looking to learn the basics, this code will work. If you are looking for more advanced and Best ways to program, this may not be the best source for you.

Example: Answer Buttons use “Touch-Up Inside” method which is a common mistake for Quiz Game programmers. You can press multiple buttons down all at once and when you lift them all, you will Win & Lose every time. It’s better to use “Touch-Down” method and disable other buttons at that point.

Another glaring example is putting all your Question and Answer data in Switch statements?? Really?? (talk about hard-coding your data). Much better to use a Plist or some other Database option for the Quiz Data. Hard coding data in Switch statements also means if the answer to a specific question is button #2, it will always be presented as button #2 (never be randomized) is example from the code:

switch (QuestionSelected) {
    case 0:
        QuestionText.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Who has been given the tag of 'King Of Pop'?"];

Answer2Correct = YES; break; case 1: QuestionText.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”Which musical instrument has four strings and is played with a bow?”];

Answer4Correct = YES; break; case 2: QuestionText.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”’I’ll be there for you’ is the theme song of which television program?”];

Answer1Correct = YES; break; case 3: QuestionText.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”A musical scale comprises how many notes?”];

Answer1Correct = YES; break;


As you can see much of the repetitive code in this project could be better optimized using Arrays and various forms of iterating data (Looping) but it is almost as if the Author has not learned those techniques yet.

If you are not looking to learn best coding practices and just want to get some clean code that works as advertised for only 15 bucks, you should buy this code :)

It will of course work fine with IOS 8 and iPhone 6, etc… It is Universal like the description says but not anything cool like “Dynamic Layout”. It just does the old school check to see if the device is iPhone or iPad and then point to the proper Storyboard.

Hi telegod and thanks for your purchase , well i wont are right i am not an experienced programmer but i spend hours on something that might be simpler and faster for an advanced coder . i placed it here so that others as u said inexperienced programmers can have a good start up for a quick cheap first game solutions and i appreciate your honest review ,and will help me a lot on future updates and project . Also i wanna point out that all sounds and psd files are creations of my own so no copyright on any sort of, you can use them however you want .:) And thanks again

Dos this app support other language? do you provide support? thanks

I will help you in any way i can efoyta. what exactly do you mean ? you want the app complete in some other language ? or multiple languages ?

Oh man, i’m waiting someone can bring this app to me in 2 years. Thanks God. Before i buy this item, i just have some questions.

1/ May i can reskin this app ? What’s happen if you have update after i reskin. 2/ Do you support for Vietnamese language ? 3/ I intend reskin this app and upload to App Store, should be buy Regular or Extended license ? I just share free for Chrisitan in our country. 4/ Do you have plan to make this app on Android ?

Thank you for great jobs. God bless

Hi icandesign and thanks a lot for appreciating the app . Yes you can re skin or use the app as you want, if u don’t plan on reselling the app you can use a the standard license,however if u are planing on charging the end users as described here you should use the extended license :) if you re skin you can just insert the updated code in your project if an update is available. As for android version i haven’t plan anything in the near future ,i develop for apple apps only sadly :/ You could hire an android freelancer developer if u wish to do the job for ya :) Again thanks a lot i really appreciate it !

Thanks for your reply. i will buy this item as soon. just make sure this app will support for Vietnamese language, right ?

You welcome ! well u getting the whole app code so you can prety much change it to whatever language you want there are tons of tuts online that you can find how to do it : ) just let me know if you need any help ill do my best to help you out.

Hi there,

Can I confirm that Game Centre is integrated as well?

Cheers KW

Hi kwseow game-center requires you to do a little work after you submitted your app to iTunes connect there are some pretty cool tuts out there that will help you with the process in no time i have integrated the button for leadership and the main code for login screen and stuff everything else you need iTunes connect to continue with the process.

Hey how are you, Okay i added more questions and answers, but they do not show when i run the app, only the first three from each category show up, Im a bit confused? cheers


Hey adds6666 it seems it only shows your first 4 questions because you have to change the 4% in mainGame.m file in the view did load to the amount of questions you want, lets say you want to have 30 as you said you finish your case at 29 because you start at 0 counts to and you need to assign the QuestionSelected = arc4random () %30; what this does it sets 30 possible questions to be randomly selected from each category and i am really sorry guys that i forgot to mention it! :/ Thanks a lot

Awesome that works perfect, you should add that to the documentation. i thought i was going mad, Cheers thanks for help over the last few days, i will rate you five stars now for your awesome support, and game.

Hi, Does this support IOS 8 along with the new devices?


Hi , Yes Sykesstudio it does

Well, Im about to buy it..its awesome! Can you add a little things? I ask you couse I know less than you :) 1.-Like when the game choose categories (if you have 6) all the options are shown? Its random, no? 2.-Can you add battle mode, I mean.. you invite a friend from facebook or play center and when you loose your turn you will wait till your friend plays, no matter if he plays tomorrow. That will give the game more everything and Extended license will be choosen from all. Excellent!

Hi FelixCat07 and thanks a lot . Well the app is for sale as is that’s why its a starter pack and unfortunately it would be something complete different from what i am offering i could try to help you out on how to pull this off you mean all 6 categories on the screen and choose from them ? as for battle mode it needs a little Facebook API coding that i am not so good familiar with you could hire a freelancer or something to do the job it shouldn’t be that hard for someone that knows about it i guess .. hope this covers everything : ) Thanks

can you provide the project without any adds,pop-ups

Hi ravillathiru.Sure.. it doesn’t have any pop ups like ad-mobs and that sort of ads i only integrated iAds and it is really simple and easy to remove them.. could guide you through , Thanks

I would like to know if your app supports mp3 questions. What i mean is the following: Basically i want questions to be shown with mp3 sound of the question playing at the same time. So user can hear and see the question at the same time.

Hi thelatinodancer you can easily add a player with arrays pointing each mp3 file with a name and execute the player with the corresponding mp3 file to each questions it shouldn’t be so hard to do .the only thing you may end up is a huge main file depending of how many questions you will have in your game 1000 questions means 1000 mp3 files and its gonna be a pretty big file but its all up to you and it doesn’t have anything to do with supporting its an app more specific a basic skeleton that you can build and do anything you inside your imagination! : ) Thanks

Hi, I am interested in this kind of app. Can I change the text question to an image instead?

Hi muajtxuj sure you can do what ever you want and it is something really easy to do .! Thanks !

Game Music Sound not work

Hi pkake2000 thanks for your purchase . I will look into it and let you know for a fix ASAP. Thanks

do you have in app purchase set up for removing ads?

did you test it for 64bit support?

Hi newyorker no i dont have in app purchase set up but there are some great and simple tuts out there that will guide you step by step to integrate it as for the 64bit as far as i tested it it worked . Thanks

Hi there, thank you for a very good software. But I need your help. I want to change the game structure. I want to turn and run the calculation, instead of every time you finished answering the question again to reselect main category of game to play next. How do I do

Hi bjboolove9119 thanks for your appreciation,but unfortunately im selling the app as is, what you are asking is to modify a core functionality means you ask for another app and i cant help you on that , i guess you could check for some tuts there are some amazing out there that might help you do what you need , Thanks a lot

I like buy this nice app please can you add levels to this one?


Hi vagentillpengar unfortunately its sold as it is i think the price is ridiculous low so please don’t ask for custom work i provide it as a starter pack for you guys to modify it as you please :) 15 $ barely buy a pack of cigarettes ..soo :) Hope you can find it useful as it is

Do someone have it upload on app store or google play ? does it work good ?

Thanks for this awesome app ! I have two question 1 – Can I set arabic question ( change all text in arabic ? ) 2 – Can you add admob banner & interstitial If I can do that i will buy

Hi amiteir Ofcourse you can do with it whatever u like admod has some great tuts how to implement it shouldnt be to hard,other language as well Cheers

its work for ios 9 ?

Hello Yes it should work