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I created a gallery and added the shortcode to a page and a post but nothing shows. Do you know how I can troubleshoot this?

Can you please open a support ticket here: providing all necessary data (url, errors if any, etc..)

Hi, i need a plugin where i set a shortcode in one page and there charge all my gallerys to view them and access to the gallery that i want to access, so that i don’t need to change/create a page to add the new gallery.

Is this possible with your plugin? do you have any demo to see?

Hi, I’m not sure I understand your request. Do you need a gallery made of featured images from posts/pages ? If so you can use Final Tiles Gallery:

Can I disable the loading of Font Awesome? I have a newer version of it loaded already and do not want conflicts or the extra http request.


I can wait a while until there’s an option :-)


I’ve just sent the update, Envato usually takes up to 24 hours to confirm it. If you need it earlier, just write me.

Thanks for the quick fix!

The comment by “patrikh2” was me using the wrong account, sorry. As you can see, I have indeed purchased the plugin a long time ago, but I haven’t gotten to trying it until now unfortunately :-/

Hello, I have set the gallery not to shuffle on page reload but it still seems to be doing it. I have also just updated the plugin to the latest version.

Hi the image order is always the same, it doesn’t look it shuffle images to me.

Hi – I’m considering purchasing this but wondering if its possible to turn the layout shuffle completely off, not just the image shuffle. I noticed on the demo the image order remains the same but the layout shuffles with each refresh. That wouldn’t work for me unforunately.

Hi, the layout is random so it changes at every page refresh.

The plugin just stopped working for me out of nowhere. The icon in the admin panel is just a broken image, and when I click on it, it takes me to a blank screen. It is the only plugin I have that is not working right now.

I’ve also tried uninstalling it, and reinstalling it. Same issue.

Fixed it. The plugin directory was named Mikado-2. Renamed it and everything seems to be working :)

​I need a masonry image gallery that can randomly change a image after a few seconds. Not all the images at the at once, one at a time but randomly. So the rule would be that an image can randomly change after it has displayed for at least a few seconds. Does that make sense?

Can this be done?

Is it possible to discuss custom development? What time frame will we look at?

Summing up: you’d need a gallery where you choose, let’s say, 20 images but it only shows 12 images. The other 8 images will appear in a random “tile” replacing another image, one by one. Is it correct? Also consider that this kind of gallery must heavily crop images.

That sounds correct. I will mail you now via your profile contact form to explain in more detail.

Hello, The plugin was working very well a few days ago, but it is now bug. I have uninstall all the other plugin but the problem persists, I try to reinstall mikado grid but the problem is still there. The galleries display is no longer gridded, all images are full size and overlap my text. At the moment I disabled the plugin because it is very bad for my readers.

Please help my support Just expired yesterday

What is the correct URL of your site?



The images of the gallery are currently using the non-https version so it’s correct the plugin doesn’t work if you try to use the https version.

Ok i’m in https version, finally i install a new plugin on my wordpress ” Really Simple SSL” and it seem to work properly on all browers and device


So why do you only answer questions on CodeCanyon? Been waiting MONTHS for an answer about your Everlightbox plugin, and nothing!

Sent in a support ticket regarding this, but after installing the plugin, only the first image in the gallery appears. The rest have endless loading animations. Any idea how to fix it?

I am looking for a gallery to show all the different dresses I show. I want the initial gallery to show all the fronts of the dresses, and then when a user clicks on a dress they can see a pop up that shows the front and back of the dress (ie images that don’t appear in the initial gallery) is this possible with your plugin?

I am using the filters in arabic, and when i click the filter it shows same images for all filters, its not filtering.

When the arabic filter words has two words (eg: التصميم الخارجي (exterior)) and other arabic word which also has two words (eg: التصميم الداخلي (interior)) it consider both as same filter, how to fix it

Hello! I suddenly got this message on top of my gallery. Notice: Undefined property: MikadoFE::$mode in /home/leadersrr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mikado/lib/gallery-class.php on line 208. It worked, but since yesterday I got this.

It is located at

The gallery is working properly.

Can you please help me? Thank you

When I try to use images resized by Wordpress, it trys to use srcset images(which is what I want for retina screens) it breaks the gallery. Can you help me with a work around that doesn’t require me to resize each image individually?

i can no longer add images to the gallery, i select and add then nothing happens.?

Can it display Random image, with a button called “GENERATE” to generate random image every time we click on it? And it can do so by displaying random image from a given specific folder of images? Something like it does on ?