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does this multiplying by 100 and dividing by 100 again during the redirect process between client browser and payment server.

No, It just dividing 100 before submit to Mastercard, If your site have problem, Pls send info to email support, We will help you


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I have had trouble getting this to work, and have sent a couple of emails through CodeCanyon’s support almost a month ago and am yet to receive a reply.

Assistance would be great as we need this resolved urgently; please read my emails from info@threeam.com.au and reply.

we did not get email from your email ? you can see this image http://take.ms/clS71 if you have problem pls send email to email support “ospaymentmaster@gmail.com”


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Oh, my apologies; the email address tied to this account is simon@threeam.com.au. can you find the email by searching for that?


Hi Can someone tell me which version of PHP, MIGS Payment Gateway WooCommerce. I need 5.6 or 7 Thnaks

5.6 is great for Wordpress and WC,

Hi, If our customers decline or type the wrong info in – and they attempt to go to process the checkout again – Commbank will E5009 code – if we ask the customers to clear their cookies and cache and put the order in again – it goes through fine. How can we fix this as it’s created a support ticket nightmare… cheers

Pls send info your site, to email support, we will help you


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Does this not work with Merchant Hosted? I sent you an email on the 3rd of March saying that I did not want Server Hosted after you changed my settings to Server Hosted and never received a reply.

This is fairly disappointing.

If this does not receive a reply within a day, I will be leaving an accurate but negative review.

Just leaving this comment here to let people know that they responded!

Hello, our website name is www.prolevelup.com we want to pay through Bank Audi, let us know if this payment gateway works, also if it works with this website. On the other hand will we be able to directly buy a course and be redirected to this payment gateway? Note that I don’t have a shop but I want users to buy courses.

This is plugin payment gateway for woocommerce. It will work if your site use woocommerce. for Audi bank, We have custom version for audi bank.

Ok how can i get the custom version for Bank Audi? And do you have someone for installation? Or at least you provide support?


On making a payment, it is showing that the access code of the ID is incorrect. I entered the ID in small letter which in the error it is showing in Caps.

Can you please help me out.

Can you take your setting and send to email support ? I need see your config to check

Mailed it to you


we have this problem here: When user places an order, this error message is displayed

Payment error: I5433-05042221: Invalid Permission : moto

i was wondering what is the cause of this error and how to fix it

now that we enabled ‘moto’ the error message is changed to

Payment error: E5431-05081729: Invalid Field : Field in error: ‘transaction.merchantTransactionReference’, value ‘1260’ – reason: Merchant Transaction Reference must be set to a unique value

clear cache, and place order again. If you have problem the same, pls email to support , we will help you

I have sent you an email. please let me know if you have received it


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Hi I am going to use this plugin to Bendigo bank merchant account and can’t seems to find Secure Hash and Merchant AccessCode. Could you please let me know is this plugin compatible with new https://bendigo.ap.gateway.mastercard.com/ma/

Hi there – does this plugin work with WooCommerce 3.0?

Yes. It working with wc 3.x

Great, thanks!

“order_total was called incorrectly. Order properties should not be accessed directly”

migs-payment.php line 71, 388, 460