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Hi, Do you support any Egyptian banks?

Please give us document of your bank to email support ospaymentmaster@Gmail.com We will confirm to you


dmakris Purchased

Hello all,

I bought this plugin and i had some trouble making it to work. I contact the support and their reply was immediate, good job guys!

Although i cant say that i am very happy at the end since they asked for a wordpress account and ftp account but i was unable have an ftp account in such a short notice and it was urgent for us to fix it.

Since we do have developers i have asked them to send me what needs to be done so we do it ourselves.

No reply yet!

Here is night in vietnam, My technical can not work in night, they will help you on morning tomorrow


dmakris Purchased

Any news?

Hi, is there any option to first block the amount, set the order in pending and then when the order is marked as completed to actually send pay instruction?

Can I achieve that?

Hi, Pls contact me via email support ospaymentmaster@gmail.com to custom plugin as you want

Hi, want to buy this plugin if support SHA-256, does it? Can you show me? because I got bad experience from other plugin. Thanks!

Plugin support MD5 and SHA256

any option to choose for using MD5 or SHA256?

Yes In setting have optoon allow choose MD5 or SHA256


I have a client using Version 1.2.3 of your plugin. They got an email from their bank saying it’s using MD5 which will be stopped, and must use SHA256. I see in other comment you write that this an option. I can’t find it under WooCommerce->Settings->Checkout->MIGS Gateway. Is this plugin version old, or how do I enabled SHA256?


You need upgrade to new version 2.0 this version have option for security MD5 or SHA256


Our bank is migrating to MIGS, and I wonder if your plugin works with Hosted Checkout here’s the details: https://ap-gateway.mastercard.com/api/documentation/integrationGuidelines/index.html?locale=en_US

Your feedback is highly appreciated :)


hordern Purchased

I get card declined error when setup & using commonwealth test cards – in test mode and in normal mode

Can you give your site Info to Email support ? Let me check for you


hordern Purchased

I have done so now. I did email them last night without any repsonce :(

I got it, See some config price with some products test is incorrect, Pls map as my demo site

Hello. Is it compatible with the new Mastercard Payment Gateway Service? https://eu-gateway.mastercard.com/api/documentation/integrationGuidelines/index.html?locale=en_US Or do you have another plugin that’s compatible with that?


Pls find MPGS in my collection to see demo

How do I purchase MPGS for Woocommerce please?

Hello where can I put the URL ?

Please reply to my email. Thanks.

Hey guys, trying to get this to work with MPGS and failing. Any news on an update please?

You can wait for me upgrade MIGS support MPGS beacuse all params is difference it take time, but next time MIGS will support MPGS hosted checkout and MPGS is supported HOSTED, SESSION, and DIRECT maybe

Coming soon

Thankyou! Appreciate the hard work. Can I make a donation. I was happy to pay something for the upgrade.

When are you planning to upgrade this plugin to MPGS?

I notice that you have fixed the MPGS problem for the customer above. My customer has the same problem. They bought your plugin because you advertise your plugin as compatible with Bendigo Bank. But Bendigo Bank are using the MPGS system. You have refused to replace or refund the purchase of the plugin Can you please offer my customer the same level of service as your other customer and fix the problem for them.

MIGS and MPGS is two completely different plugin, 2 technology of MasterCard you can not ask me replace you other plugin while you’ve been using it for some time. you have threatened me, so never thought of replacing for you

Asking for an upgrade or refund is not a threat. It is my customer’s right. My customer had not been using your plugin for some time as it didn’t work with Bendigo Bank as advertised. Do you plan on fixing the problem for my customer as you have for your other customer or not?

Please see Envato item support policy page here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/208191263-What-is-Item-Support- you will see that you are required to provide support for 6 months and to provide updates to ensure the item works as described.

Hi, I want to integrate payment into a website am building for a client, but I need to be sure this plugin will work for it. The bank is in Nigeria, and this is the website http://ubongking.com/shop/ Please its urgent. Thanks

Pls send document your bank to email support ospaymentmaster@gmail.com Let me check and let you know if my plugin can work with your bank

I just sent an email to support now from sanyoniyoo@gmail.com Thanks

Hi Support

I am getting below error,

“Payment error: E5431-01241629: Invalid Field : Field in error: ‘transaction.merchantTransactionReference’, value ‘2492’ – reason: Merchant Transaction Reference must be set to a unique value”

Any suggestion


stvnalln Purchased

Quick question, does this work with WestPac?

Pls send document your bank payment to email support, I will confirm with you

Hi, does it support “NBAD Bank”.

Can you send document gateway for bank to email support(ospaymentmaster@gmail.com) ? i will confirm with you

Hello Ospayment,

My client bought the plugin for me to use but when I inputted my details, this is the response I am getting: Payment error: E5000: No bank links are configured for merchant [merchant ID].

Can you kindly advise me on what might be the problem?

I have sent you an email as well.

Shalom, Isaac Gyimah Adigu

Hello Ospayment,

My client bought the plugin for me to use but when I inputted my details, this is the response I am getting: Payment error: E5000: No bank links are configured for merchant [merchant ID].

Can you kindly advise me on what might be the problem?

I have sent you an email as well.

That mean your bank not yet completed setup on your merchant

I have followed my bank and they said the Merchant Account have been set-up. My bank is a bank in Ghana, does your plugin accepts all banks who use the MIGS?


svs2212 Purchased


We are using axis bank payment gateway. I have setup the plugin and entered all the details in backend. But, in front end I get following error

Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.

Can you please help me resolve the same.

Thanks !

Can you send info your site to email support ? we can check for you