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Does both “server hosted” and “merchant hosted” payment type setups support SHA256 automatically after the option is chosen? The bank is saying it is still going as MD5 despite setting to SHA256?

Hello, I am still waiting your reply to our issue with bank audi. please its urgent.

http://oz.com.pk/ i installed MIGS – WooCommerce Gateway but at transaction its showing http status 400 error at checkout and redirect to below url: https://migs.mastercard.com.au/vpcpay?o=pt&DOID=AB2311B1511E26E5930A6CC547C32EB3&paymentId=1286719551555830684

as per bank they want me to update the plugin can you please check and confirm if i purchase pro plugin it will fixed the issue?

Thanks please reply me asap.

Did you purchase my plugin ? Where are you get plugin ?

Hello, I have dropped a mail to you a couple of times now. Can you please solve the issue. Here is the link to the error, as received from Migs. We need to work on the yellow highlighted part. https://ibb.co/kojQcQ

Gentle Reminder

Pls send me us one email support, Include your site link, and screenshot of setting. We will help you now

Right away..!! Please check your mail

Hello could you please inform me before purchase if MIGS Woocommerce Pro is compatible with UAE Mashreq’s MIiGS VPC? Thanks

I ‘ve send you the email with the bank’s guide thank you

I got your document. MIGS Woocommerce Pro is work with your bank

all right thanks a lo

Hello, does your plugin support Recurring/Subscription payment functionality?

It is do not support Recurring/Subscription this version. Maybe this is new version

Hi, Can I use this plugin without WooCommerce. I just need the payment facility no woocommerce.

You can use Custom Payment in my porfolio


artaweb Purchased

Can you please clarify?

Does it work just like any other payment gateways?

Like user places the order, woocommerce redirects the user to the gateway, user makes the payment, gateway will redirect the user to woocommerce and shows the paid invoice?


artaweb Purchased

I would appreciate if you could me give me support on this.

You should be give your site info to email support, We will help you


artaweb Purchased

I just send you an email from artaweb.*@gmail

I would appreciate if you could give me a few minutes of your valuable time.

Thank you

Does your plugin has this requirements?
1. 3d secure & 3 party payments.
2. SHA256 Algorithm.

Also our bank is “NBAD (National Bank of Abu Dhabi)” will it work with it?

All bank use MiGS Technology.

Thanks Bought it with my company account :D will be contacting you from the other account if we needed anything


I’ve figured the plugin to work and I think what I’ve did is alright but I’m getting this error “Payment error: #####-########: Invalid Permission : moto” so how can i get this moto permission .. I’ve looked through MIGS site but couldn’t succeed to get it.