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Hi, Just a few questions about the MIGS Payment Gateway:
  • What data gets stored in the PrestaShop Database?
  • How is the MerchTxnRef set?
  • What happens to the MerchTxnRef number if a transaction is declined and a payment is re submitted?
  • What happens on Receipt Failure?
  • Does it support MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa?

Hi, Plugin do not store credit card info. With payment success will store transaction# in order note and if not successful. order not to create. Plugin do not support MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa

This doesn’t appear to be working with

All transactions are going through for an amount of $1.

Order numbers being passed aren’t the prestashop order numbers. Not sure where the number is coming from, perhaps a session id?

Front layout is terrible, field titles aren’t on the same line as the text fields.

Hi JaxTus Plugin work on 1.6.x Pls send info your site to email: ospaymentmaster@gmail.com . I will check and fix for you.

why there is no one answers the support ticket?

I sent this about 7 hours and no answer yet:


Just purchased MIGS module for Prestashop, and I have the following problems:

1- When a buyer make a purchase he/she receives 2 notification emails, but the site admin do not receive any notification by email.

2- The orders never appear at MIGS control panel, which means the orders are not going to their system.

3- (and this maybe the cause of number 2) At Presta control panel, at the orders page, under Messages, I can see this message: “Merchant %5B0000000000%5D does not exist”, where “0000000000” is the Merchant number but I replaced it with 0000000000, and that means the module didnt accept the Merchant number.

Please help me to fix it.

Best Regards,,

Hi Sirren, Sorry for reply you late because our office time is 8AM to 5h30PM GMT + 7 . We will check your ticket asap. Thank you

How to configure to work with ANZ egate???

Hi, Guy All bank is config the same. Go to backend, Payment, Edit MIGS We need some info as Access code, Security Hash, Merchant ID If you have more question. Pls contact with me via email support. Thanks

i have php codes from ANZ techs, could you intergrate them to your plugin,,,,

The parameters im looking for are:

1. stigApiUrl 2. companyId 3. callbackUrl 4. getSharedKey()

as in the code below


/** * MasterCardSettings * * Change the settings in this file to match the details provided by your bank */

class MasterCardSettings { } ?>

// URL of the API on MasterCard's VAS gateway server
static $stigApiUrl = 'https://dcc.migs.mastercard.com.au/stig/stig.api';
// The unique company id number that identifies you to the VAS server
static $companyId = '123456';
// The page on your website where VAS will send your customers after they finish a transaction
// For this sample application, put in the full URL pointing to the location of the callback.php file on your server
static $callbackUrl = 'http://localhost/stig-php/callback.php';
// Controls the language you want VAS to use when displaying payment pages
static $locale = 'en_AU';
static function getSharedKey()
    // Replace with custom code to retrieve the company password (or shared key) securely from storage
    // Do not store the shared key in this file. It may be exposed to public view in some error situations
return 'FnYTcuf/wDkyfEoXrdpQVw==';

Dear Support i sent you email on Gmail with the bank requirement i need to be sure before buy this module thanks

the banks are changing from MD5 to HMAC sha-256 by 30th of Nov 2016 means the module no longer would work after 30/11/2016 if you don’t update the security hash to HMAC SHA-256. also in the back end the module doesn’t record the Transaction ID, means it’s gonna be impossible to look for an order in the MIGS website if you have more than 10 orders a day. can you please fix that? Thanks

sent new version to your email

please re-send, attachment was filtered so send again please I fixed the mail attachment

Thanks I received it

It doesn’t return the transaction record in prestashop back office order page? I think it’s some where here in your code need to be fixed:
            if (isset($result['vpc_TxnResponseCode']) && $result['vpc_TxnResponseCode'] == '0') {

                    $message = '';

                    if (isset($result['vpc_Message'])) {
                        $message .= 'MIGS Message: ' . $result['vpc_Message'] . "\n";

                    if (isset($result['vpc_ReceiptNo'])) {
                        $message .= 'ReceiptNo: ' . $result['vpc_ReceiptNo'] . "\n";

                    if (isset($result['vpc_TransactionNo'])) {
                        $message .= 'TransactionNo: ' . $result['vpc_TransactionNo'] . "\n";

                    $message .='Customer IP Address: '.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

                    $total = (float)($cart->getOrderTotal(true, Cart::BOTH));

                    $migs->validateOrder((int)$cart->id,Configuration::get('PS_OS_PAYMENT'),$total,$migs->displayName, $message, NULL, NULL, false, $customer->secure_key);

                    //$migs->validateOrder($cart->id, Configuration::get('PS_OS_PAYMENT'),$result['vpc_Amount'], $migs->displayName, NULL,NULL,false, $customer->secure_key);
here is another code from different module where it captures the transaction code to prestashop back office order page, have a look here there is 1 NULL value while yours have 2 NULL values!!!
if($_GET["vpc_TxnResponseCode"]=="0") {

            $commweb->validateOrder($cart_secure[0],_PS_OS_PAYMENT_, floatval($_GET['vpc_Amount']/100), $commweb->displayName, $commweb->getL('transaction').$_GET["vpc_TransactionNo"].'<br />'.$errors,array('transaction_id' => $_GET['vpc_ReceiptNo'], 'payment_status' => $_GET["vpc_TxnResponseCode"]), NULL, false,$cart_secure[1]);
            $url= Tools::getHttpHost(true, true).__PS_BASE_URI__."order-confirmation.php?key=".$customer->secure_key."&id_cart=".intval($cart->id)."&id_module=.intval($commweb->id)}&slowvalidation";

I already replied to your email with details and screenshots please check it out.

thanks for fixing that, now it’s working.