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How is this different to the Migs Woocommerce Pro ? I am running Wordpress 4.2.3 with woocommerce 2.3.13. Do I buy this one?

This is plugin for Wordpress without any ecommerce plugin, so you can use it for many purpose.
MIGS Woocommerce Pro : plugin for Woocommcer plugin.

can i add more fields in the form other than reference number and donation amount ?

Ovaislak, Yes we can add more field. Pls contact with us via email for custom plugin.

Also I want to know do you offer customization service ?

Ovaislak, Yes of course

Can i use it with any local bank in malaysia?

How can I replace Commonwealth bank logo with Bendigo Bank?

You can replace image in folder image of plugin. make sure name of image is the same old name

Hello, does this plugin work?

I’m asking because the demo shows the shortcode [MIGSPAYMENT], and it hasn’t been updated since a year ago.

Yes of course. it is custom payment. you can insert payment in page or post via shortcode

I know that, but the demo is not working, that’s why I’m asking. Can you please fix it so I can see how it looks/works.

Yeah. Thank You let me know. I have fixed, upgrade wp to 4.5.2 :) you can try right now

Dear Support i sent you email please check it

I couldnt find any live/test status settings in the panel

Add “TEST” before merchantID . it will change to Test mode Exp: merchantId: 123456 -> testmode merchantID:TEST123456

There is a directive to only support SHA 256 and not support MD5. Has your plugin been updated?

Hi, My plugin is support MD5 and SHA256, It is setting in backend

while i installed .my payment gateway is work now.love this support sha256.

Plugin support MD5 and SHA256

can I remove the bank transfer option? I just need it to credit card payments.

Yes You can remove it

Thanks, can you tell me how to do it?

Can you explain how to do it

I’m still waiting your rely regarding remove bank transfer, I sent you an email with website details

Hi, Pls send to me your site info to email support, my technical will remove for you.

Hello, How can add more fields to the form like name & email? and how to send an email to the admin email every time someone do a transaction?

Have supported for this customer :)

Will this work with Event Espresso Plugin and Wordpress 4.8?


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i have email you my query long time ago & i did not get any response is the support available for this item or not?

Just response. And Replace Plugin for you


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Is it possible to create a more complex form with conditional logic and calculations? Or can I integrate this plugin with a form like that?

Also, any chance of access to your documentation so I can look into it more?

Thanks, B


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How do I’m getting this error message, “Warning: session_start(): open(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea3/sess_6178s2f9tsuk6rscrbqvn1ggt0, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in”

I’m also using a form and I’m trying to prepoluate the field in the MIGS form with the amount and a student ID number as reference.

Can you advise, please?

Thanks, B


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Ok, I don’t get this… “The first Warning you should be change path of session to folder can write/read able”


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...hello? Its been over a month, no answer

What do you need to help ? I remember the problem Warning session is fixed right ? If you need support, Pls email to them via email support

Possible to add name & email to the form? and send an email to the admin email after someone has made a transaction.

Yes. We can make more fields

hi, this shortcode is not working MIGSPAYMENT im running the latest wordpress now 4.9

Where do you got plugin ? What version of plugin ?

got is sorted, i bought the woocommerce version thats why, now i bought the correct one.

how do you remove the bank option?

how do you add the $ prefix to the amount the customer enters?