Discussion on Mighty Tables | Add sorting, search, filters, and highlighting to your tables

Discussion on Mighty Tables | Add sorting, search, filters, and highlighting to your tables

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Are you able to add in images/team icons? Do you have an example to show?


belnixon Purchased

Hi There,

Love this for sorting, it works perfectly! However is there any option to turn off filtering (i’ve already turned off search)? As the equals filter does not seem to work on mine and I don’t really need that option. thanks :)

Thanks for the kind words!

The filters only show on tables that have a column with the name of an active filter. So if you don’t want to show a filter, simply delete it or change the column header. Remember there are global and page-only filters.

If you don’t want to delete them, you can also hide them using css adding the following on Appearance > Customize > Addititional CSS:

.mtbl_table_filters { display: none; }

Hope that helps.

How can I add pagination?

Pagination is not supported at the moment but I’d like to add it in a future version.

can you add pdf,csv,xlsx export on the tables and content and update for wp6.01?

WP 6.0+ is supported. Thanks for the other suggestion.


I bought your plugin and it makes my site stop working because of a critical error. The specific error message is: “(!) Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function carbon_get_theme_option() in C:\wamp64\www\intranet\wp-content\plugins\mightytables\index.php on line 326”

Would it be possible to fix this, please?

Hi! I’ve replied to your e-mail too, This happens because the Carbon fields plugin that is required hasn’t been installed. This plugin is also included in the file. I’ve sent you detailed instruction via email.

is it possible to disable sorting and searching? I just want to maintain a simple table/matrix of items/description/pricing

Yes. In the settings panel there are options to disable them.

Hello, I just installed the plugin but cannot find Mighty Tables under settings on my wordpress site, the plugin is activated but I do not have anything under settings. Do you know what might be the problem? Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply. Did you manage to find it? it should be under the Settings submenu at the very bottom below “Privacy”.

Why I cannot find Mighty Tables under the settings in the wordpress?

Does your plug-in support PHP/SQL queries that search multiple related tables and custom post content? In other words, can your plug-in interact with a table generated from a SQL query?

Yes. It should work as long as the table is generated before the page is fully loaded.

For tables generated or modified after the page is loaded via AJAX, it is going to depend on how your specific script is coded but filters and search should work, sorting might not.

Hi -

I’m looking for a new solution to display our tour date table. I see that your table allows sorting and searching—can I also easily add HTML links/buttons? I need to be able to add two buttons (“more info” and “book now”) per row.

The plugin works independent from how you create your tables. You can add anything you want to your tables or use any table generator you like.

Hope that answers your question.


I just bought the plugin but once installed on the site, it gives me a “Critical Error” and the whole site does not work anymore… So I had to deactivate the plugin. I know that it does not appear in “Settings” when the plugin is activated.

Have you ever had this problem ? Where can it come from ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Sorry for the late reply. Send me a DM with the whole error message and I’ll look into it.

do you have a video to show how to use it?

Sorry about the late reply. We do not have video content but the included help file includes screenshots and detailed instructions. Let me know if you have any specific questions after reading that.

hi, This is pre-purchase question, 1) I have about 500k data, can support in term of speed? 2) Responsive? thanks

Hi! about your questions:

1) The speed for that amount of data is going to entirely depend on the user’s resources in terms of RAM and processing power. The sorting algorithms are very standard so it should perform just as well as any other similar plug-in. 2) Responsiveness depends entirely on the theme being used. If your theme has responsive tables, then yes. If not, then no.

Hi, is it possible to stylise your tables accordingly to my site layout??


Yes. You can use any style your theme/site has. The great thing about this plugin is that it works with your tables and doesn’t force you into using its own tables like other table plugins.

Can we use the plugin first in the test website(localhost) and then in the real website with single plugin ? If yes, how?

Yes. No need to follow any special instructions.

Hi, I tried it on three separate websites but it doesn’t work! Nothing appears in the settings as shown in the image in the description.

Did you install the Carbon Fields plugin too? If so, send me a DM with a link to the sites with the plugin installed and I’ll take a look.

Hi, I just bought your plugin and it’s great, but i was wondering if there’s a way to enable it on specific tables and not on the whole “pages or posts” sections. The project I’m working on has tons of old Microsoft Word files converted to html and the conversion uses a lot of tables, and converting them to divs is time consuming. It would be great if i could enable the sorting and search box only on the tables i need them. Thank you.

Thanks for the comments. More controls to enable/disable it on individual elements is on the to-do list for upcoming versions.

Hi, I purchased the plugin but it seems it doesn’t work. As you can see in the screenshot I cannot see the mighty tables settings and when I insert a table, also with correctly set header, I can’t see filter and any mighty table function, as you can see in the test page . Moreover, the images slider doesn’t work also in the normal table, so if mighty tables doesn’t add more functions, it’s useless for me.

Both the image you linked and the test page aren’t available. Please send me a DM with the details and I’ll take a look at what’s going on. Most likely the column names in your tables aren’t correctly set up. Did you create them with the Gutenberg editor?

Cannot replicate the problem, it was a test on site for my client and it went wrong. Just I can tell that all tables were corrupted and my client was forced to restore the last backup. That website uses bakery, not gutemberg.

Hi, I tried many tables inside which I want to put a shortcode of an images slider, but everyone doesn’t work. In the test page you can see the first tablepress table and the second ninja table: in the first row, second column, I put a metaslider shortcode (4 images with autoplay, dots, arrows and lightbox functions) but you can see only the fixed first image and when you click the image opens in self page. Is it possible to put an images slider (or even its shortcode) in the cell of your table?

Hi!. The plugin doesn’t really care about what’s inside the table. The only requirement is that the tables have a header with the column names.

If you can add the elements you want to a regular WordPress table, then it should work with the plugin.


Does it support custom post types?

Not out of the box because then it would add features on unwanted post types, but it’s pretty simple to add them just changing a line of code. If you decide to get it, send me a PM and I’ll guide you through the changes.


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