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Does it auto-follow any reply posts?

Yes. Also, the script contains a feature Payment subscription, and users can pay via PayPal. In the last 5 days from the subscription the users will see a notification to renew their subscription. I will implement Monitoris in Midrub soon(I just have to add Pinterest and Youtube first). But will be added even other useful tools and in this week will be added 3 new social networks and in the next week one.

Thanks for the update about implement Monitoris in Midrub, this would be a fantastic combination and perfect for our needs. Will this combo be released in 2 weeks I assume?

I will release an update in this week and this will be the most important, because after the next update you will be able to update always from admin. Monitoris I think will be added in the next week.

Hi When will the update be ready because I still have the version that posts a link to facebook instead of a image and when i updated a couple weeks back i got a error on the whole site. When is the update ready? I want to start with the service..

Hi, In this week. Only on Facebook Pages the photos was published as link. If you want, i can send you the Facebook Pages class and you will have only upload manually.

Yes that would be great! Could you also tell me where to upload etc. you have my email!

The requested URL /auth/passwordreset was not found on this server.

What’s the problem, please?

Send me your teamviewer info.

Can’t you just assist without teamviewer? I don’t have a teamviewer!

Send me a private message. I will reply and you will send me your config file. I think the problem is there.

Your license hasn’t been successfully validated.
How ?
I purchase and get Extended Licenses from you before, now i can’t use this.

Check you email.

I installed script and made sure i am using php 56 but i get no reaction when i try to log in, it doesnt initialize the login process. I updated the configs file with the correct url in both places needed.


check your email.This is not a script bug, but just give me 2 minutes and your installation will work as expected.


I’ve installed Midrub following all the instructions including enabling Ioncube.

The problem is nothing happen after click LOGIN. Is there any additional requirement?

My purchase code: 13fc49ed-f2c9-4a65-b0ef-09c3163917f2

Regards, Farhan


You can solve this problem in 2 minutes. Just send me a private message and i will explain how you can solve this.