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Where i can test the demo … i am interested to buy this script

Have you tried to remove the Envato Frame?

You right. The Envato Frame doesn’t show the Facebook or Twitter javascript popup to allow requested permissions. I will work today to improve the responsive.


What happened to the User side: History & FAQ tabs? To expect users to automatically know how to use the service is a bit arrogant. Please give instructions on how to add them back as this is something I can’t have removed from our site.


Hi, i’ve preapered to reply by email.

I’m creating a lot of videos and write posts. You can write a faq page like you want. And you can edit the text now from the files in the languages directory.

i can’t update from admin. after clicking update it shows only “Update Reports

Go Back”


what’s your email?

Click on my username.

HI Scrisoft, I was expecting features enhancement in scheduling to schedule one time for auto-posting on daily basis.

Is there any plan to implement this.


If you look now in the posts table, after the last update yesterday i’ve created the column resend. I will not add a calendar like i thought before. Requires much time. I will add the possibility to select the days and hours when will be published again and the number of repeat. Will be more simple. In the history you will find the Resend information and you will be able to edit.

I will work today and tomorow in PayU and then i must add at least several tools. I am ashamed with only 3 tools. After that i will finish the resend function.

YASSSS Emoji Update … Btw you missing a lot of emoji … Isnt there a way to integrate all emojis like NextPost has done?

Use Windows Code Writer to open the posts.php file and copy the emojis from other websites. I will not add more emojis in my version because i think i’ve added enough.

Ok thnx, and when there will be updates do i need to do this again?

Yes, but i don’t think peoples will like to search an emoji in a list with thousands emojis. They can copy the emojis from other websites and include in their posts.

Will we be able to post to groups we are a member of, but an admin? Is that coming?

I have to many features on my head now. But i’m interested to add joined groups and liked pages. I know how to do that, but i hope in the summer i will release a tool in Midrub for this purpose. My way don’t allow to publish like in other social networks.

Ok. Will this work on nginx?

Yes, Many peoples have installed on Nginx. But i hope you know how to configure a domain for Nginx, because i can’t help you with the configuration of the domain. I can help you only with the configuration of Midrub.