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Good afternoon,

I’m trying to install the instagram API, but when I try to download and install Composer from previously, I can not perform the installation correctly.

I have seen the videotutorial, but I can not execute the commands in console without installing composer.

Could you help me please?


send me a private message

Depois da atualização do script, ocorreu esse erro! / After the script was updated, this error occurred! :


Please send me the ftp in a private message and i will upload the missing files.

I will change in several days the update method, and you will not have more these errors.

Please verify your email.


abayommy Purchased


Since I have bought this script, I have not been able to set up the networks.

I need to have this software up and running as soon as possible.

I am getting fatal error on this page:

I can’t understand what’s going on…

Please help me out.



You server provider has some essential php extensions disabled in php 5.6. If you will get the same error, just ask your server administrator to upgrade to 7.0. I know because someone got the same error for same server provider several days ago.

Please watch videos how to configure the social networks and let me know if you need help.

Hello it’s VERY unclear how to set this up. PLEASE help me do this.

Just please setup the Facebook app part for me and everything else that needs setup to make this work. Thanks


You have had to update automatically from admin to make it work. Now i’ve updated for you and Midrub is ready for configuration.

Hello I need help with Facebook app part. If I can’t get help then I can’t use this product. thanks

Do you want Midrub for personal use?

No. I bought extended license, I will have users & customers

I’ve configured now, login and publish works. You have to request just permissions. You can watch here how to do that

If you have a good reputation account facebook will approve in max 2 days.

Hey any update coming soon ?

Yes, sorry for delay, in max 2 days will be.

Awesome !! Can’t wait :) Thanks

Does this script currently have any compatibility or error issues i should be aware of before buying?

Also whats the difference between regular and extended license?

Does this need proxies? if so what for?


You can test in the demo and find the bugs if exists.

Proxies are optionally.


amicheals Purchased

I was able to download the Instagram folder, connect to Instagram, but get an error when. I try to post.

2. I am using the Cron file. .htacces already had all I info and the file was already on the server. But the Cron jobs are not running. Is there something else I’m suppose to do?


amicheals Purchased

I was able to post to instagram after I disabled open_basedir . I got an error in the console (pressing f12) of open_basedir restriction in effect. I restarted httpd and I was able to post on instagram.


amicheals Purchased

Please see my mail on cron.php I am getting error when cron.php runs.

/cron.php: line 1: ?php : No such file or directory /cron.php: line 2: /** : No such file or directory cron.php: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘ /cron.php: line 3: ` * Please, ensure you have this string in the file htaccess RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|cron\.php|update\.php|adminer\.php|assets|images|js|css|uploads|favicon.png)


Hey guys I KEEP getting an error with the Linkedin API setup. Error reads

invalid redirect_uri. This value must match a URL registered with the API Key.


Please watch my video about Linkedin.

You have to add redirect.

Hi, No instagram posts available?


Midrub uses the same Instagram library like all other scripts for Instagram posting on CodeCanyon. The library must be installed.


rodmart Purchased


Can you confirm if I can install this as a subdomain?


Thank you, Rodrigo


you can install on subdomain but please create the folder outside publish_html folder.


amicheals Purchased

Can I post more than 1 image to instagram at a time?

Right now no.

Hello. Everything installed perfectly. One problem. When I edit the email templates and press UPDATE the animated icons flash left to right indicating it’s in ‘saving’ process, but when I reload the page the template does not show the latest edit. Only shows the canned version. How to fix. Thanks!


Email template or notification update?

Is there a private contact address? I’ve located other issues. Thanks!

You can find the form contact in my profile.

Can you please explain what I should do here? What video will show me how to setup correctly for Youtube? Thanks

400. That’s an error.

Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. To update the authorized redirect URIs, visit:

For API key add none, no a refferrer

Guys it’s STILL not working for me. I have been trying this for 12 hours now still no success. Is there any way I can email you guys my info to do it for me?


Send me a private message with a screenshot with your redirects for OAuth 2.0

I will provide imediatelly a solution, because it’s easy to configure.

I have a problem when i want to submit my FB app to review. Midrub does not meet all Facebook requirements and they want screencast with my app. Any ideea how to bypass or something else to be reviewd and accepted by FaceBook? I need help asap please.

You can watch here how to request permissions. It’s not hard to get permissions, you need a good reputation Facebook account. An old account is better, because means you’re not a spammer.