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Addition of sound may be a good idea… :-)

Hi, we will try to update the game next week and add sounds.

Would love to see some bad guys and powers and shiny things to collect and avoid along the way other then that its a pretty cool game :)

Hi, we didn’t spend much time on this game and just wanted to make a sample game. But we may add these features later (no promise!).

Its an ok game for a start and kids but not for adults around here. It needs more features like music and other requests from @Marketronics (Would love to see some bad guys and powers and shiny things to collect and avoid along the way).

I’ll buy it after you add some jumpy shiny cool features. GLWS!

Hi, as we mentioned in our profile, these games are just samples and we usually modify them for each client. But we will try to update it and these features later.

I tried to run it on mobile android, never worked. PLEASE HELP.

Your Email Address

Can i have your email ?

Hi, can I please have the game source file – construct 2 (.capx) – for this game? Please send it to me asap. Thanks!

Sent you an email as well. Thanks!


I have answered your email. Check it.

If purchased will you include Construct2 souce files? Just want to confirm as it is not answered directly in the above comment. Thanks!


Yes. Whenever you have purchased it, send us the purchase information and we will send the source file for you.

Hi, I have purchased. Please send me all source files for use in Construct2. Thanks!

Thank you for the purchase. Just email us and then we will send the source codes to your mail.

Hello, i’ve got a problem when playing your game on ios. The iphone UI covers a large chunk of the game which makes it unplayable. Can you please provide a solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

We will investigate this issue and will try to find a solution for it. Can you also email us about this? We will send the modified version to your email whenever we have made it.

How can i play loop sound,and a sound for tap event?

Hi and thank you fro your purchase,

You can edit the game and add this feature by editing the project file of the game. Email us and we will send the project file to you.


Regarding customization, can I change the name of the game, the decor and the player ?


Hi and thank you for your purchase,

Yes, you can change these elements. If you like, email us and we will also send you the game’s project file.

are you still offering support ?

Hi there,

It depends on what you want. But we still support our products if they any issues.