Microthemer - WordPress Visual Design CSS Plugin

Microthemer - WordPress Visual Design CSS Plugin

NOTE: please see the important info on how to unlock Microthemer below

Live Demonstration

Watch the video to get a proper feel for Microthemer

Microthemer is a feature-rich visual design plugin for responsively customizing the appearance of any WordPress theme or plugin content (e.g. contact forms), down to the smallest detail.

Main features

  1. Style anything on your web page, including headers, menus, sidebars footers, and plugin content.
  2. Intuitive visual editing.
  3. Over 80 style options at your disposal (e.g. Google Web Fonts, background color, font-family, CSS3 gradients, drop shadow etc).
  4. Design responsively without the usual headaches. Preview your site at different screen sizes and apply media queries styles without writing code.
  5. Export your designs as a zip file. For sharing with friends, or transferring between domains.
  6. In-program docs so you can learn about CSS, or refresh your memory.
  7. History feature, so you can go back if you make a mistake.
  8. Draft mode, so you can try new designs on a live site without affecting what visitors see until you’re ready to publish.
  9. Apply styles per-page or globally.
  10. Apply :hover states an any other pseudo selector like :nth-child() without having to remember the syntax.
  11. Advanced color picker for sampling colors from your theme and creating custom palettes.
  12. Import CSS media queries, selectors, and styles from any stylesheet into Microthemer’s GUI.
  13. Light-weight. Microthemer generates CSS. It doesn’t try to do much more than that.
  14. Nonce security to help keep things secure.
  15. Supports multi-site.
  16. Supports SSL sites.
  17. Great support provided via our dedicated Microthemer forum.
  18. Free CSS, HTML, and responsive design tutorial.

Features for coders and learners

  1. Full code editor that lets you write code in the browser while looking at the page.
  2. Hybrid GUI code editor if you want to leverage the power of the GUI but prefer writing CSS properties and values by hand.
  3. SCSS, CSS, and JS supported.
  4. Enqueue JS libraries native to WordPress like jQuery UI for rapid experimentation.
  5. Minify CSS code.
  6. HTML and CSS inspection, similar to browser inspectors.
  7. Keyboard shortcuts for common actions.
  8. Validation of custom selectors with visual feedback as you type.
  9. Hide from clients by uninstalling or deactivating, but still use the CSS Microthemer generates by copying and pasting a few lines of PHP code to your theme’s functions.php file.

UNLOCKING MICROTHEMER: after purchasing Microthemer on CodeCanyon, you must submit a request to “validate my email address” using the contact form at the bottom right of the following page:

Doing so will a) confirm to us that you have made a purchase, and b) provide us with your CodeCanyon email address so we can manually validate it. We must validate your email so that you can unlock Microthemer after installing it. Please note, it can take us up to 24 hours to respond due to time zone differences. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Microthemer was last updated on June 11, 2017.
See Microthemer Changelog here

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