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Cannot access my media page for this plugin, very frustrating. No update?

I am trying to change the login logo on the login page and it is not changing. I’ve uploaded a logo in the area where is says for login page and it does not take.

Thanks for your help.

-Nathan J.

After logging in, if you put your mouse on one of the tabs on the left, the menu opens, but is behind the content on your dashboard, so it’s hard to select the options.


Nathan Johnson

How do I change the colors of the text, backgrounds on the hover on the menu, and buttons??


I’m french and I have the french version of Wordpress. If I install your plugin, do I still have my French version?

Thank you!

Can you please update this plugin..

You got people buying this and it’s no longer compatible

This was a complete waste of money. The plugin should be removed from Codecanyon before anyone else makes a purchase just to realize that both the plugin and support are dead.

There is a missing file , a result installation is not possible. There is no support

The logo is not updating for the login. Please advise.

Could you set an option to change the main blue color? I’d like to adjust that color to fit our brand palette.

It’s easy to assume that both the plugin and support are dead. Too bad as this was looking great…

After installing the media area of wordpress is NOT assessable. THIS IS BROKEN.

DUUUUDE. You need to update this plugin! SO MANY ERRORS! Save your money. This is now updated and has problems… I never even get a response back!


Hi. I want to buy a theme for Wordpress admin area. What will be important is the appearance of the User Profile area. Can you send to me screen photos of the User Profile area and the user list area?

Such a beautiful creation you have here… too bad it is sooooooo out of date that it’s depressing. Compatibility is completely out the window.

Really wish you would update it, or hand it off to someone who would.

I miss you Micropanel 2… your beauty will always be remembered.