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Is this script encrypted? can i take it and integrate/modify into my application?

no encrypted

there is no update :tired: :yawn: I am not satisfied.

Sorry for All…quickly new update more sorry

Link is broken man!

sorry for problem…new demo link is updated

yes new demo link is updated..pls watch

I just bought the script and i do not see a config file at all

If the author does not reply and address this issue,I will be asking for a refund as there is some serious issue that i need fixed on this script

config.php file located at settings folder

i want and test the demo but the site is down

sorry new link is updated

@xbees i would not test this script,As it is a clone of mircoworkers script.Only thing seller did was code it to work with bootstrap

I am requesting a refund as i sent this seller a email and got this for reply

watch settings folder

And then i sent this back

I found that file,I am now trying to fix the issue with me not able to add any news jobs via the admin panel are the user account.

Also my hosting company is deleting the files as they are saying the base64 code is a virus

Also you need to fix the despoit files as it is showing the this

Hello can be translated?

demo now working and new update soon

Is this script still available?

demo now working and new update soon

Demo does not work !

demo now working and new update soon

Demo not working!!! it’s takes you to a parking domain site!!!

demo now working and new update soon

hi , how can i redkrect to https? thak you for your support

you can try .htaccess file add redirect codes to make…more doubts mail me i can explain

please how to change the micmac logo in the user account header at the left side its urgent please

includes/header.php edit line 946…pls dont comment mail me

helloo please may i know if you already update the script if yes please tell me the change that you made and files ?

hello pleaseupdate thescript there are some problems

please reply to my mail as soon as possible

hello again , problem, when user has 10$ and withdrow with 5% fees his account become -0.5$ how to fix it also , how can i cancel withdrow , and also for welcome bonus users are able to withdrow it ….............. please fix your script , you dont want to reply to mails ?

helloo i renew the support please reply to my mail as oon as possible

Can I see a DEMO ?

@raefben I will help you for free , contact via e-mail

Hi there, Demo is not reachable.

Hello, I bought this script long ago and my support has expired. But I need one little help, maybe you’ll be kind enough to do that. I installed the script, everything is working fine. Only the job page is not showing any job. I have tried different things to make available to my users, but the users cannot see any job on the job listing page. Please help