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Live preview costs us 99cents

Hi, now it’s free… :)

hey i get 34 errors in xcode

34 errors ???

No error! It’s alert!

34 errors that makes a lot… But the game is not so fun…

Hello, is normal, because this project is for programmers to learn new skills, for $ 15 you can not expect the game of the year. However, the alert will be removed in the next version. regards

Please show the list error!

are alert to cocos2d, but the game works perfectly. Regards

but nice project

Nice project and fun too. It reminds me of climbers (which everyone has ripped off), this, on the overhand has more gameplay, and is fun. Nice work

thank you very much!! :)

what is? the app file ? i can edit the app? what is..

Yes this is the app xcode project. Regards

Ciao, cortesemente sono in attesa del codice come freelance

Hi Gus,
Open xCode, Folder (Game>Livelli>Area1>Livello1.m)
go to line 256 and delete duplicate code in – (void dealloc)
delete or comment this is line //[falsograbsi release];
...otherwise when you switch to the second level, the game crashes

Fantastic Support

Thank you very much!!! :)

Is this compatible with IOS7 and Xcode 5?

Is this compatible with IOS7 and Xcode 5?

For testing, if I wanted to create a new texture Altus to change the images. I do not know what each image name is compared to what it looks like. Do you have a list showing the image and the name you gave it in the Altus?

I do not use adobe, do you have alt way to edit levels?

Has the code as of 5/10/14 been updated to remove alerts and a fix for the 2nd level been added. I would like to down load the better version.