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hi there, I would like to know if MG download the code with html or css format ? also, why sending option was missed ?

Hello! MG downloads the code in html format according to newsletter standarts, There is no sending option because it’s Builder only. For including sending option it’s supposed to have special dedicated server like MailChimp and other services have. We do support downloading generated newsletters for MailChimp and EmailCampaign services (the main famous ones), but the sending itself is supposed to happen from these services. Thank you for your interest!

Looks awesome ! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you very much! :)

Can I add my own blocks? is it compatible with videos? Is the builder open source?

Hello! Thank you for your questions. Surely you are able to add, edit and remove your own new blocks. In documentation you can find detailed instruction for creating templates. Our Builder is not quietly open source. You could change our code any way for your purposes, you could share/sell templates built on the base of our Builder with the access to it, but you could not share/sell the Builder’s code itself.

Absolutely agree with your comments. But I am trying to change the images of the sample template you have. I have managed to change them but when I try to edit the sample template, the images in the blocks still are the ones you have. how can I change them?

After purchasing the Builder you’ll be able to deploy our item on your server and add there template of any configuration. Instruction for template creation is included in documentation.

Good job guys. I like it.

Thank you!

Hi, I don’t know how to install the command. Can you help me pls.


First of all please install node.js from here and then follow next steps:

- Unzip builder

- Go to builder folder in command line ‘cd path/to/builder/folder’ (to open command line press win + R end enter ‘cmd’ and press enter if you’re using Windows and open terminal if you’re using Mac OS)

- Put templates into ‘/backend/templates’ folder (for template format description see below, you may use file manager or command line)

- Go to frontend folder in command line ‘cd frontend’

- In folder ‘/frontend’ run ‘npm install gulp -g’, ‘npm install’ and then ‘gulp build’ in command line

- So you’ll get ‘/frontend/release’ folder, which contains all files prepared for uploading to server

- Upload files from ‘/frontend/release’ to your server

- After adding new template just run ‘gulp build’ in ‘/frontend’ folder and reupload new files to the server

That’s it : ) In case of any problems please email me

Hi, I get No such file or directory on mac computer. the file exist on dropbox folder under a users

Please go to application menu, go to Other and there you can find terminal (see the screenshot below) – it’s standart MacOS application

Hello, I need some help to finalize the install. I followed all the steps mentioned in the documentation and it was able to run it semi-successfully on my server. When I click on the pencil icon to edit text, a window is popping up but isn’t showing any text content to edit, check:

Secondly, how do we run a template demo next to a version for customers who have purchased it. In example: When you check this MG Builder: users will see a popup window with a demo message when clicking one the 3 button in the left menu.

Need this to be fixed asap so hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you, Steve


Please find information below:

1. to fix issue with empty popup you have to upload the builder to root domain folder (e.g. NOT we know about this issue and will fix it in new release

2. sorry but we do not provide this functionality because it is our know-how, but you are free to change builder’s code to implement it by your own

Thank you.

Hi i can make my newsletter with 500px max large only ?

Hello, yes, no problem, it’s simple. After purchasing contact us and we’ll send you instructions for this

Hi there, I love MGbuilder! can it be used to create articles with a pre determined template? i.e i would like to give my users the ability to select a template and create their own articles with images and text and save it to an html file for them to publish.

Hello! You can use it this way but you have to take into account that we provide with demo template with Builder ONLY. Also page’s code is compatible with newsletter creation (that’s why it could cause validation issues). Aside of that there are no possibility to save intermidiate version and get back to it afterwards in case of Builder’s page is reloaded. Thank you.

ok thanks, so i would need to maybe have different builds per template i want to create? when the demo template is loaded is there a way the user can choose different templates?

User is not able to choose templates because each template has its own URL.

Can i as a developer extend with new features and customize the look, after purchase?

Sure, you can

But if you mean purchasing for your own purposes. In case if you want to use it for ecommerce purposes you have to buy exclusive license. Please send me private message for details.

Have you updated the code yet so that this can be installed in a subfolder? I’m talking about the comment you made above:

1. to fix issue with empty popup you have to upload the builder to root domain folder (e.g. NOT we know about this issue and will fix it in new release

Hello! Required issue has been fixed, I just reuploaded it to the server, it will be available just after Envato approved.

Amazing work! Really great! =)

Thank you! )

Hello! This script is great! But what would be missing is that you have an instance of saving the template that you modified. Because when you unintentionally change pages when you return, modifications are not maintained. Or if the PC restarts, you have lost all your modifications. It would be good if the changes are maintained, or lastly, it ends manually saving that modification that the user is performing.

Hello! It’s almost done! We are planning to release it on the next week! Plus several days for approval. So soon soon soon! ;)

Hello! whats pass? please envato free the release!!

They did it! Enjoy! ;)

I would like a REFUND. I have contacted you and you did not offer any support!

It’s pretty sad that you still continue lying. I asked for details to help you but you provide with nothing. How can I help customer who is not able to specify his issue? You just want to have it done by author on your server ignoring direct reference to CodeCanyon rules which seems mean nothing for you. It’s very sad that good products suffer from customers who put 1 star mark instead of specifying issue and following rules.

To suggest your customer is lying is not very professional and in my opinion, an attack. A display of your temperament is well acknowledged.

Sorry, but I just reflect the fact. And you have nothing to answer here essentially. You go against the rules and spoil assessment of application despite the fact that you are wrong here.

Can I use your builder in to my wordpress newsletter plugin? If yes, can I add blocks to insert tags like post, user data, etcc?

Hello, unfortunately it’s impossible. But you can generate email newsletter code by Builder and include it in WordPress plugin (if there are no necessity to include some specific tags for WP as well).


SBYDev Purchased

Hey, i just got an email about an update of the version. Can you please tell me whats new in this version?

Hello! The main new update is autosaving! Also there is a number of small minor updates. Please update your templates according to new update in documentation.


SBYDev Purchased

Cool, thanks for the fast response!

Enjoy! ;)

OMG!!! You release a new version! Please i donwload but for update MGbuilder i need take all instructions on Getting started ?

There are minor updates included in new documentation, just check it in new archive you’ll download! ;)

Hi… i install, and i verified on demo put “data-section-id” on documentation say “For each editable block we need to put uniq attribute data-section-id for autosaving functionality”.... i see the code on demo and see data-section-id=”1-1” ok, and see on other blocks data-section, but when i change different block and choose reset, the reset apply for all !!! is just like a refresh…

Ok i check it! The new functionality is save the changed, if you refresh the page, but dont undo/redo!

Hi, yes, it’s reset actually ) It reverse template to initial state, but if you just reload the page – all old changes done by user are going to be active again.

We thought about undo/redo but there is no good solution so far. Maybe in the next release.


darro Purchased

I just purchased and I’m confused about how to run it. The file type when I unzip it is not something my computer recognizes and I have never seen either. Are there specific steps on how to use this? Thanks!

Hi! I just checked it and it works fine, I have no problem with archive downloading. Please try to use other browser. Seems it changes extension of your archive. After using other browser please try to change file extension to *.zip and unpack it using your archivator. Definitely issue is on your side, it’s working well, just checked.


darro Purchased

That was still not helpful to me. I have the zipped file just fine. It is when I unzip it I only get a file that is .rar

I have no idea what that is or how to access it. Therefore I have yet to see any kind of archive file.

I understand that it is probably user error but I am asking for you to help me figure out how to access builder that I already purchased. I never said that something was wrong with your work but I do need some customer service and help in accessing the file.

I have a screenshot I can send you if you need further explanation – just let me know where to send it to.

Sure, please send me screenshot: I’ll look into it and try to help with it.

Does this script allow uploading/hosting of images in the newsletter? I only see in demo a place for URL.

Hello! Thank you for your question.

We don’t store user images. If you would like to import template into Mailchimp or EmailCampaign – these services are able to let you upload your images. Also please note that MGBuilder doesn’t have function of email newsletter sending. So using Mailchimp or EmailCampaign is the best option, we have implemented simple integration with them specifically for purposes above.