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it’s look really awesome, good luck with sales !

It look grate! Nice work. Good look with the sales

Nice theme, I really like the side nave on mobile. Good luck with sales

I’m glad you like it. Thank you !

amazing theme :), Good luck with sales

Love Love Love. Only 1 question. Can you make it RTL for me? :)

I think I can.

Good. I will send you PM and tell you what i need than you read and tell me what i need :)

Is there anyway to change the color scheme to black? Great looking theme by the way….

You can change the color scheme with a minimum CSS knowledge. I can help you if you want and need help.

Thanks. Now purchasing…can you email me the instructions?

PM me and I will send you a guide or modified CSS. Thank you for purchasing.

Great design !

Is this built with Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation4? Or how hard would it be for you to create a bootsrap version of this theme? I would gladly buy & support it! :)

I’m sorry but early BETA is not available at Envato Markets. The theme will be released very soon. There are no major difference between the user experience of metroDolphin and themes with Bootstrap. I try to offer a good UX to all users so all my themes are responsive and user friendly.

Yes this is true. Your theme is amazing & all of the above. I am more familiar with bootstrap as I have used this framework for many projects. It would only increase my interest in both your work & phpdolphin.

Thank you, I’m glad peoples like my work, this made me to continue developing. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I just wanted to thank you and keep doing what you’re doing :) THANKS for the support.

No problem. Thank you for purchasing metroDolphin !


Can you tell me which section of the style.css file I need to edit to change the width of the main set up as I believe it’s too wide. I can’t find the entry to change it.


Hello richardevans2, delete all content from ”@media (min-width: 1200px)” or adjust here.


Thank you for your reply, however I’ve now got a problem with the Notification box now aligned. Any ideas?

Please find a screenshot attached.



I will do some tests and release an update very soon. Please mail to update your files (the update review can take some days).

Nice theme.. I just puchased it now.. Sir can u send me a instruction in edtting css file :) ty

Hello Jillian,
Thank you for purchasing metroDolphin. If you want to show how to edit the style, please contact me via email.

I already email you :)

Check your inbox for the reply. Thank you !

Do you have any RTL version? if yes, kindly give us a screenshot or a live demo.


Hello Ashriedi,
I don’t have any RTL version of metroDolphin, but I can do this for you as a custom job.

How to install This theme?

I’m sorry but I don’t have the RTL version. But I can do this like a custom service for you, if you want.

yes I would like to have RTL version

Please contact me via email and we will talk about details. Thank you !

Greetings, please update the subject to I proceed to buy it because the theme is not compatible with the latest version of phpdolphin, thanks.

An update will be released very soon. Thank you.

Update please :) for phpDolphin 1.2.8

Any Recent Update Available?

all designs for scripts by Alex Pricop are up to date. If a new update come, the design will be updated ASAP.