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Very clever, Very nice! Congrats on this. One thing I noticed on FireFox, the Youtube Video seems to hide behind the pop up box, because all that is shown is black area, until i click X and then for a brief second you the Youtube vid before it closes out. other than that, I may purchase this

Thank you for your comment.

I will fix this right away

I was having bugs until i changed the following:

1. I changed line 121 in the JS file from $(“body”).prepend(content); to $(“body”).append(content);

2. I changed line 143 and 144 from ParentLauncher.position() to offset(), in both lines

Also to be compliant html, you should prefix all of your custom attributes with data-, Eg “data-mtTitle=’Penguin’”

Now it works fine, maybe you want to make those changes to the source

Also if any wants, heres some code that will automatically change a title attribute to this plugin:

$('[title]').each(function() {
        $(this).attr('mtTitle', $(this).attr('title'));
        $(this).addClass('mtTool mtHelpIcon');

Thank you Headchopperz, I will run some test of that code, and do an update soon.

Thank you and sorry for those issues

Purchased your neat plugin…Obviously, I downloaded the zip file. Add new plugin….tried to upload the whole thing and didnt work. Opened up the zip and found no other zip file to upload. What am i doing wrong? Great work though! Thanks. Mark

Hi Superdoc.

I download the code from here to check if everything is ok, and it is.

I think you where thinking this is for Wordpress right?

This is a jQuery Tooltip for websites and not for Wordpress Sites. (unless you can modify the source of the pages)

If this is your case, I can refound you the 51% of your money.

You are correct. I thought this was a wordpress plugin! Great work on it though! Yeah, a refund would be fine. Not a lot but better than nothing. I live in the U.S. (South Florida) Thanks again and good luck. Mark

Can you send me via email. Your paypal account? Use my profile to send me the mail. So I can check the purchase and make the refund.

Sorry for the misunderstanding

hello! great tool, works perfect and is easy to handle. just one thing: would be nice to remove the persistent tooltip by clicking somewhere outside of the tooltip (and with the x-button inside). :-)


Thank you for your comment, It means a lot.

I add your suggestion into my update notes and I will do it in the next update. I’m thinking in a new property.

Just let me finish a couple of work and you will get notified via email.

Any additional suggestions are welcome

Thank you very much for your very fast response, great! I’m looking forward to the update. All the best!

Thank you and have a nice day :)

Will be great in mobile,

Soon just a matter of time. :)

I just need to finish some work and I will update this to mobile.

Great tool. Works great. Had a small conflict with another tool and got help from developer right away!! He was very helpful and helped me through it! Highly recommend!!!

Thank you for your feedback

Love the plugin and am deploying it now on an app.

Question: Does anyone have suggestions for adding a bunch of dynamically-generated data into the tooltip? We can’t use iframes due to security concerns and browser compatibility, and there’s too much content to cram straight into the ‘mtcontent’ markup.

The framework the app is built on is .NET/c# (which I’m not fluent in), so I have to figure out how to work all the tags and stuff into the tooltip.


Will do, thanks.

Got it figured out and it’s working properly. Putting the script right before the /body tag in the markup did the trick. Thanks for the help!

You are welcome

Hey, really like your plugin. Just a question though: I would like to create a news ticker with vticker (http://richhollis.github.io/vticker/) and use your plugin to get some additional info when you hover over the text. Do you think the two plugins will work together?

Many thanks in advance :)

Hi Chris, that page is giving me 404 error… are you sure that’s the link?

Oh this is weird, once you copy the url it doesn’t work anymore… I guess the best way is to click on the first link on the google search (vticker) sorry for the inconvenience https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=vticker&rlz=1C5CHFA_enJP544JP544&oq=vticker&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60j0l2j69i60l2.1438j0j7&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=91&ie=UTF-8

is tat the URL? it redirects me to google

(sorry for been so late.)

Any way to uodate to work on mobile and tablets?

Yes, I have plans to upgrade this plugin but in the next month

To add different amounts of text, do I need to adjust the code every time or does the tool tip expand automatically as I add more or less copy?

The tool tip expands automatically or you can set a predefined width

Also, can hold custom HTML if you want to.

Great tool, works nicely and support is awesome! Congratulations.

Thank you for your kind words and I wish you a great day SoberLink

Hi, great item!!

I’m trying to make it work along with a hotspot over an image, but it think the coordinates of the area shape messes it up and the tool tip appears on top left corner of the browser window. Is there a way to indicate specific x,y coords for “mtposition” or a way to make it work this way?

Thanks for your help. Cheers :)

Hi HuesoMX

(I think you speak spanish for your name, if I’m tell me)

Ok, hagamos lo siguiente, crees que puedas mandarme un ejemplo pequeño de lo que quieres hacer para revisarlo y a lo mejor encuentro el problema?

Tambien si puedes subir el sitio y me lo muestras, tambien podria ayudarte.

Enviame un mensaje usando mi perfil de Codecanyon y hablamos por ahi si gustas.

Otra cosa. No hay una propiedad para colocarlo en una determinada posición X o Y, pero si puedes poner una imagen pequeña como de un circulo sobre el lugar que deseas usando CSS y a esa imagen, ponerle el ToolTip.

Eso han hecho varias personas

Hola! Ya te envié un mensaje con un link del ejemplo. Espero me puedas ayudar


Recibido… leyendo….

collected all of your item. will buy next. really elegant scripts. thank you.

Thank you, is nice to hear that.

If you need any assist about any of my plugins, just ask me, ok?

Have a great day

Hi There, can you tell me if you have my support request?

I just reply you via email, I am checking your issue right now

hey, any update for script to work on tablets/smartphones?

No, sorry, not for now

Is there a way to control the distance of the tooltip from the location of the hovered element? The ‘Top’ position is too high compared to the ‘Bottom’ position for me in my project.



Hi, sorry for the delay, I reply to the email and that doesn’t work.

There is no way to do that via parameters right now, but you can add or remove space in this exact line

Line 166: top: Top – 30 – ToolHeigth,

Change it for

top: Top – 10 – ToolHeigth,

That should do the trick

Ok Great I’ll work with that. You do some great coding, really enjoy working with your products.


YogiFish http://www.themove.fm

Thank you, I really appreciate that!