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Thanks mate :)

Some pages return an error, check with envato!

Yeah I noticed, I raised a support ticket. Thanks for the heads up as well :)

Looks interesting


Thanks :) This means a lot coming from you, your work is awesome :)

doesn’t work with IE9 :(

It’s working in IE9 & 10 for me. (10 using dev tools to mimic 9). What exactly isn’t working? I have some fixes I noticed to upload over the next day or two.

great job…good luck

im trying to embed a youtube iframe into one of the tabs and it isnt allowing me to do so…any ideas?

Hi! :) It works for me, could you possibly show me your code? PM me if you don’t want others to see.

i actually found the issue…something is wrong with youtubes embed code at the moment but i got it working…thanks for a great product and quick response!

Ah, glad you got it fixed :) Thanks for buying!

A wonderful CSS solution for easy tabs! Had no issue modifying things, but I’ve stumbled on some trouble when there’s too much content in the tab content area as it makes the page footer disappear :S Tried all sorts of solutions (sticky footer, absolute placement), but nothing seems to work without looking weird. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Indeed that’s what i did before – but it looks a bit odd. I suspect the height of the tab content doesn’t register, which causes issues when there’s a lot of content.

Thank you for the reply! :)

All the best in your future endeavours!

Ah I have noticed it isn’t changing depending on the height of the tabs when it switches. I will look into it and find a fix for you!

Nice website :)

Thank you for looking into it sniperatic! :)

Hi There, Presale questions: Is the plugin responsive and is it possible to place the buttons below the content?

Thanks, T.

Hi sniperatic,

We definitely need it to be responsive. When do you think would you can make it happen, if at all? And how “little” is the bit of fiddling?? :-)

Thanks, T.

I will try to look into it this weekend :) Any ideas how you would like the responsive to work? Just get smaller for smaller screens, or?

Sorry, I was too busy to answer earlier. But it is another weekend ahead :-)

I think the best way is to simply reduce the buttons, eliminate icons (if there are any and if it is necessary) and last if icons can’t be smaller simply show less buttons optional.

That all counts for iPhone. iPad size should be simply smaller.

Cheers, T

Hi, is it possible to have more tabs inside on each tab? Thanks in advance.

Hey, There is no reason why not, but it could be quite messy code wise. I haven’t written anything to do this either.


it´s possible to change from tabs on mouseover ? and it´s possible to have the menus width 100%




it´s possible to change from tabs on mouseover ? and it´s possible to have the menus width 100%



Yes and Yes. The mouseover will require javascript thought :)


It is possible to make this work kind of like a slider and move from one tab to another after so many seconds?

Hey bsantry,

It’s not part of the script but could be managed with a simple jQuery function :)