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I have a presales question: Would I be able to create a slide up hover effect with buttons and text?

Thank you!

In the current version of metro slider slide up operation would be applicable for images. Text animation would be something like in below url:

I purchased this yesterday and I’ve been kind of stumbling around confusing myself. Is there a way to create a full page slider? I am looking for this layout (on the home page), but with the tiles changing.

Thank you for your assistance. :)

Hi, We have replied you at your id. Please check. Regards, ModernPlugin

I responded to your reply. I have additional questions.


I notice this slider plugin doesn’t have a feature to pause the slider on hover. Also there isn’t an option to enable on hover arrow navigation for each tiles (sliders within each categories).

Would you please consider adding these in your next plugin update?

Thanks Have a great day!

I noticed you guys haven’t updated the plugin since 13 March 14. If you don’t mind can you please tell me when will the next update be available? If it takes too long can you guys make this customization for me? This is a great plugin. It load fast and run smoothly. Only down seems to be the lack of updates :)

We are working on the updates(new features,functionality changes) and planning to release the same by June. We will make sure to include your requirement as well with the update. Apologize for the delay but we assure you will love the updates :)

So, Where is your update?

Your slider is exactly what I am looking for I noticed it on another theme (TrueMag) that uses Visual Composer, But this may have been customized by the author? My question is how does your plugin work with Visual Composer as I want to use it on a different theme that also uses VC?

Thanks MP Sent!


I have questions about the demo, I left a message on the OSticket system but have gotten no response.

Pls Advise.

Ohh Actually we only received one mail regarding demo on which we replied that day only. Can you please send your queries to

Can I set this p with a 4 wide, single height slider with images on one side and text on the other for each tile? And can the slider be set up with a semi-transparent background for text tiles?

Yes customized layout is possible with Metro slider. Also you can have semi transparent background for text with little css modification which we can help with :)

Hi Anything new with new updates ? Regards.


We were about to release new version in July but we faced some issues in plugins like it started hanging etc. Also, we got some new feedback from user so now we are incorporating new changes. Hopefully we will complete it soon.

Regards, ModernPlugin

looks like a really nice plugin… wish it worked or that I could get a reply to my support ticket. Since I see that you just started having issues in July, may I ask why you didn’t put the previous version back here?? Why leave something that is broke???

I want to change the position of the entire container to “centered” AND replace the background color behind the slide container with an image. I have tried this several ways, but to no avail. I have searched the directions, which are very nice btw. I just can’t find what I need there. Please help :)

This is a BEAUTIFUL slider plugin. I understand there are lots of little bugs and things that need to be worked out, especially with something this different and comlex. That also means that your customers (me) need some some support. I’m not complaining, but I need your help to get this working a little better.



Actually we tested those changes and it worked fine with our local instance but we really apologize that its not working at your site. Can you please send your wordpress url and credentials to our official mail id ie and we will directly customize your wordpress site as per your requirements :) Also since this seems to be a platform specific issue please expect resolution to be max by coming Sunday.

Regards, ModernPlugin

I have successfully installed the plugin but it is not working. When I am going to use the plugin , it says “Alert: Error occured . ” Can you send the updated version for me?

Can you please send your email id to We will send you the updated copy asap. Regards, ModernPlugin

Thank you for updated version. It is working fine for me. I have another issue with the plugin , I want to add slide show and the image in same level. [metroslider id=1]

But always slide show going out from the div. how cain i add the slide in to the div.

Please can you give the solution as soon as possible. I am developing client’s web project.

Plugin conflicts? Admin panel functionality not working. Neither is support email! Help?

I just purchased the metro slider, and it seems like exactly what I need – I’m creating a custom layout so I can have a single row table with different sized tiles.

HOWEVER, I can’t save the slider, and when I add an image, the thumbnail and the fields do not appear below.

I’ve turned off all other gallery/slider plugins, and can’t find the conflict. I’ve turned off everything except Wordpress importer, Custom Fields, and a redirect plugin – and still no luck – the plugin save doesn’t work, and the images upload doesn’t work! I’m pretty bummed.

Are you aware of a conflict or is there a certain browser I should use? I’m using the latest version of WP FYI, with a theme built on bootstrap-basic.

The screen AFTER I’ve uploaded an image looks exactly the same as before. And the ID number for a new slider is always “0” and will not save or update slider…

I don’t think your very old script is compatible with newest Wordpress version. Please provide me a refund. Thanks.

Is this plugin still alive? Last update 2 years ago?

Hi, im having problems with the plugin. Everytime i try to create a slide i get an error message.


Is there a new update of the plugin?

thank you

Thought this plugin would be a great deal better considering you are charging money..nothing updates the colors there is a weird border when i insert the short code check out

I need a refund. I am pretty sure I can find a free gallery plugin with the same functionality that actually works on my site and looks good. Thanks..

I am planning to purchase this plugin but before that i want to make sure whether it will meet my needs or not, so the thing is i want an exactly similar slider like this one for wordpress.

Do this plugin fulfil the requirement and can make a slider like that?

Please let know ASAP