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will one of these be available for wordpress as a plug in?

Hi Hollysnails, But not soon, I currently reading about wp plugins, and then I will starts creating every of my HTML plugins into WP Plugins.

But I have no release date, Sorry

i need to buy , few presales

how can i put this on multiple pages of the website right now it can only come on one webpage else i have to use the code on each page

cannot in admin i give a page urls and then it shows up on these web pages and i use on each url page , include /side bar

pls advise

Jumm, can you send me an email from my profile plz

sent from the profile

I don’t get it… what is your email?

Beautiful job! :)

Thank you so much :)

Pls see the message from the profile sent a moment ago and resending again with yr this question

i have sent the email , i cannot publish my email , have not you received the email also i have copied the text here whihc you can very understand

why do not u reply as PM as to how to do it or can we do it

this is great waste of time

pls do not take it otherwise

I dont have your mail Mohang, really, I don’t know what is happening.

Send me an email to: fernando.herrera85@gmail.com

Hi, there
Is the sidebar have close button? I can not found it, or I missing something?

It has a function to close manually, or just by clicking outside

Hello, Is it possible to position this at the bottom of the screen rather than on the side?

Thanks in advance!

Interesting though, but unfortunately no, not now, but is a good idea for a future update, sorry

hello demo link is not working

Thank you, I just updated the demo page…

thanks for fast response