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Hi there,

Sorry if I am asking a question that’s been answered already, but will the messagebox #1 set a cookie so it doesn’t show again once the user has clicked on “close”?

Please let me know, Thanks

Hi Robsnolca, yes, we need to create a cookie know if the notification was showed, you can use the callback to create the cookie or when you fired the notification, you can create it in that moment

Hi I sent a request for support on Saturday? Did you receive it?

Sorry, I got it… I will read and come back to you asap.

Great script! How can I add an url link to a button?

Do you need to redirect to some other place? or execute some anchor tag action?

Please tell me via Email using my profile, so I can send you an example with the answer.

Hi I have 2 questions:

Is this possible to have icon and a button in bigbox?

The button will open another page url, do you have any sample code for that?

Ok great. Also is this possible to keep the tab open when the box is closed so we can click later on the tab to reopen the box?

I sent you the email BTW

And no, is not possible by default, and we will need to change some code there

Ok thanks for the fast support :)

Hi, I need the close x on Bigbox that have a button and it’s seems not possible to have both. Really need this feature and i didn’t realized that was not possible to have both.

Any quick fix for this is welcome.

umm I see, I can create a custom version for you, that doesn’t supress that… The reason that why happen is because that I assume if you add buttons, you need some input from them.

For this case this is a promo box with a Buy button and when it is clicked it’s redirect to the order page. But no all visitor will want to buy the promo and they probably want to close the box.

Hi I sent a request for support on Friday? Did you receive it?

Email with the example sent

Thanks for the great service – it was worth the wait and I appreciate you helping me.

Sorry for the waiting Ted, I had a lot of work and other boring stuff… I will add those examples in the next release.

Thank you for your time and picking my plugin :)

Hi, how can I add a close button on the slide panel?

Can you send me an email using my profile? So I can send you an example?

Done, thanks

How to make them load when page loads?


Please check the tutorials folder,

“1. SmallBox – Launch on load”

Got it but now it broke my button to open side menu with same script.. :/ Legitti(.)com is my site

Hi Klerith,

Can you show me how I can add a url link to a button? Many thanks!

The Live Preview is not working.

What about Crystal Notification?

your live preview is missing