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Interesting menu,

If you make this responsive your sales will improve a lot!

GLWS man

Nice work. Well worth the purchase price. Just one query. I have a top menu with a sub menu with links to a page. When that page opens is it possible to open the menu at that sub menu? It would be really great!

Actually it’s not possible with this version. Can you provide me your e-mail address? Then I’ll send you the modified code to do so. Thanks.

will do so as a PM – thanks for the incredibly swift reply!

shti.. i got the wrong plugin i think… no idea how this could happend.. but i just want this one here now i got Metro Style Dropdown Menus Regular License instead of Metro Navigation Menu is there a way to change it back & get the right one? im so sorry for trouble ;(

Actually, sorry to say that I’ve nothing to do here now. Moreover, I’m an exclusive member on codecanyon. So only the marketplace can provide license for my files.

ok.. next time i will select with more attantion... i think the plugin i got will do the job as well also

please there must be a way .. i was so wild on it to test on my page.. cant wait to see it in action ;()

If you have any problem, contact me via PM.

Hi, Fantastic!!! you could make a new version to work with 2 lines.
  • let me know if you do. Thanks,

thank you I’ll wait!!

Did you mean when the first line is filled up, the next ones will jump into the second line instead of making a scrollbar?

Scroll your feature is very good!!!!!! this keeps … only have the option of setting two lines to increase the number of buttons (on first viewing) that is beautiful and practical!! good!!! you solve my space problem thank you!!!!!

Hi. How easy is make it responsive? I mean, just CSS? I want it under my header. not fixed position and center the buttons. Is easy to accomplish that?

Actually, it’s not easy. There’s a combination of javscript and css. And you should edit both.

Really nice plugin. This is exactly what i have been looking for. Can i go 3 levels deep into this menu and change the Width and height of the boxes ?? Actually i am not going to use it as a menu but for some navigation tree to show sub trees in multiple categories.

Actually it’ not possible to go 3 levels deep…. But you can change the height and width of the boxes. Follow the instructions: Open navigation.css. Find out the label ‘div.metro_nav>ul>li’. Here you can change the height and width. Then go to ‘div.metro_nav>ul>li>a’. Change the hieght and width. This time keep it 6 less than than the size of ‘div.metro_nav>ul>li’ for both height and width. You’ll also have to change the height of ‘div.metro_nav>ul’ and ‘div.metro_nav’ to change the height of the body to fit with it.

But my requirement is to go 3 level deep. Something for which i cannot find any good solution.

Hello, I need to show a few images(with my specified dimensions) and clicking on them will open a list of some more images. I am thinking if i could do that with this plugin by replacing the boxes with images and making them clickable. Can i do that ?? I kind a need to do that urgently.

This file is a navigation. It’ll need a lot of works to do that. I hope you may find the plugin you need by browsing javascript>Images and Media category. Thanks.

Hello; I use this plugin as shown in follow: 1)put “html code” in my Region Source 2)put .css and .js files in my header template

now i want to make it right to left, buy when i use dir=”rtl” in my template’s header or in header tag of Region Source, after that lose navigation menu’s scroll bar and can’t scrolling it :(

how make right to left metro navigation menu without lost scroll bar?

Hi. Would I use Metro Navigation on Drupal Centum responsive theme?

Metro Navigation Menu is not responsive. So I think it’d not be perfect for a responsive theme.

Can this be used with wordpress to modify an existing menu?

It’s not a wp menu. So you can’t do it. Thanks.

please i need to know if there is any method to make the menu 3 level deep in the function of button back

Very good. GLWS :)